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Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking

Justice Marianne Azizi writes: A major civil

Jewish mother flees Israel to give birth in Palestinian-run Bethlehem

Escape Marianne Azizi recounts the story of a pregnant Jewish mother who fled Israel to Palestinian-run Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, so that her child is not snatched from her and trafficked by the Israeli authorities.

Yes, Jews are the victims – of Zionist propaganda

Paranoia Alan Hart argues that the question of how to treat Israeli and other Jewish paranoia is one that should be encouraged by world leaders and urgently addressed by the world's most eminent and universally respected psychiatrists.

The cats of Ariel and the deranged politics of Israel’s far-far right

Uri Ariel Uri Avnery describes what happens when you mix religion with far-right fascist politics, as is the case in Israel now with its mix of surreal, religiously-inspired policies, supremacism and racism.

Culture and conflict resolution: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Academic and cultural boycott of Israel Lawrence Davidson says the belief – advocated by UK-based Culture for Coexistence – that cultural interaction would promote Palestinian-Israeli peace is unfounded and camouflages Israel’s policies of ethnic cleansing.

Historic Palestinian and Jewish homes seized and turned into concrete boxes by Israel

Marianne Azizi writes: In the town

Israel’s self-inflicted hate

Haltom Zarhum Jamal Kanj argues that the lynching of an Eritrean refugee by a mob of Israeli Jews who thought he was Palestinian, and the murder of an Israeli Jew who was mistaken for a Palestinian, are manifestations of the fundamentally racist nature of Israel’s Jewish population.

Out of the limelight, state-sponsored child kidnap and abuse continue in Israel

Israel Ambash Marianne Azizi writes: While the

Chaos in Jerusalem is a warning of things to come

Chaos in Jerusalem Jonathan Cook argues that the chaotic violence of the past weeks in occupied Jerusalem and other parts of the occupied Palestinian territories “looks like a warning from the future – a future Israel is hurtling towards”.

Binyamin Netanyahu, Hitler’s defender

Netanyahu the revisionist Gilad Atzmon writes:  Israeli Prime