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Israeli media ignore pregnant mother camped outside Netanyahu’s office

Daniela Herzage protesting Marianne Azizi writes: It's cold Read more [...]

Israeli Labour Party adopts full apartheid plan

Yitzhak Herzog embraces apartheid Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information Read more [...]

Richard Falk reprimands Ban Ki-moon over truth about Israel’s crimes

Richard Falk-Ban Ki-moon Stuart Littlewood recalls an interview with former UN human rights rapporteur Richard Falk in which he exposes “the politics of deflection” – shooting the messenger while ignoring the message – underlying the propaganda efforts of Israel and its allies. Read more [...]

Another apartheid feather in Israel’s racist cap

Israeli racist cleaning advert Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information Read more [...]

Optimism of the will: One man’s hope amid fascism and bigotry in Israel

Optimism Uri Avnery explains why he is optimistic despite the deep despair of the Israeli peace camp, the exponential rise of Israel’s home-grown fascism and the fact that the Israeli government is leading the country towards national suicide. Read more [...]

OECD report points to deep structural problems in Israel

OECD on Israel Marianne Azizi writes: All is not Read more [...]

The usurped rights of Israel’s Palestinian citizens

Israeli apartheid - by Carlos Latuff Jamal Kanj explodes the myth of Israeli democracy, noting that Israel’s Palestinian citizens face discrimination in education, health care and housing, in addition to having their mobility restricted, living under martial rule and being continually dispossessed of the little land they own. Read more [...]

On the down side of institutionalised religion

Religion cartoon Lawrence Davidson explains why religion should be confined to the individual and local charity work, and points to the lethal consequences when religion claims for itself the trappings of secular power or attaches itself to the institutions of power. Read more [...]

Israeli women reaffirm their refusal to serve in the occupation army

Israeli refuseniks Noa Levy writes: At noon on Sunday Read more [...]

Israeli media silent as authorities seize and electronically tag newborn baby

Tagged Israeli baby Marianne Azizi writes: A newborn Read more [...]