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After 70 years of abuse, a definition of anti-Palestinian racism

No to racism and Zionism Stuart Littlewood highlights a newly-published definition of anti-Palestinian racism, and an authoritative study which shows the extent of the disinformation campaign behind the claims of “anti-Semitism” in the UK Labour Party. Read more [...]

UK Labour self-destructs under ‘anti-Semitism’ onslaught

Media disinformation against Corbyn Stuart Littlewood views the ‘anti-Semitism’ disinformation campaign wrecking the Labour Party and the lack of due process accorded to its victims, and proposes a way for the party to pull the carpet from under the feet of the ‘anti-Semitism’ scaremongers. Read more [...]

Nice-guy Jeremy Corbyn needs to get mean

Nice-guy Corbyn Stuart Littlewood argues that UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn “clearly has a problem with his spin doctors and media team” who should by now have deflected the orchestrated ‘anti Semitism’ slurs and turned the tables on his detractors. Read more [...]

The holocaust and its deniers

Holocaust and its deniers Gilad Atzmon writes: In the aftermath Read more [...]

Israel wreaks terror on another harmless mercy ship 

Gaza Flotilla Boat 2018 Stuart Littlewood views Britain’s complicity through silence in Israel’s hijacking of a vessel carrying medical supplies for the blockaded Gaza Strip, against the background of the UN’s phony Palmer inquiry into a previous Israeli hijacking of an aid ship. Read more [...]

Will the slaughter in Gaza finally prick the international conscience for firm action?

David Steel Stuart Littlewood highlights a rare moment of honesty in the British Parliament in which former Liberal Democrat leader David Steel – one of the very few UK politicians with integrity – gave a frank and honest summary of the situation in Palestine. Read more [...]

Theresa May let off lightly after launching air strike without Parliament’s permission

Syria bombing - not in my name Stuart Littlewood reviews the UK parliamentarians’ feeble questioning of Prime Minister May – with a few brave exceptions – regarding her failure to consult the legislature before following President Trump and attacking Syria. Read more [...]

UK government’s reckless kowtowing of Trump on Syria – and contempt for the British people

Trump and May holding handsTrump and May holding hands Stuart Littlewood challenges his parliamentary representative to explain the UK government’s disregard for international law and intention not to consult the legislature on its plans to follow Donald Trump in bombing Syria. Read more [...]

Who loves ya, Saudi?

Stop arming Saudis Stuart Littlewood highlights the sick ties that bind Britain to Saudi Arabia and are most visibly represented by its multibillion pounds arms exports to the Al Saud family kingdom – arms used to kill and maim innocent civilians in Yemen. Read more [...]

The environmental Christmas hangover

Christmas waste Graham Peebles writes: Christmas Read more [...]