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Enemies of our future: Donald Trump and John Bolton

John Bolton and Donald Trump Lawrence Davidson argues that “placing people like Trump and Bolton into leading government positions is the same as inviting fascism back into our national lives”, and that this raises questions about the adequacy of the US political and education systems. Read more [...]

Palestine: The testbed for Trump’s plan to tear up the rules-based international order

Israel servant Trump Jonathan Cook says by liquidating the Palestinian cause and letting Israel rampage unhindered, Trump hopes to destroy the rules-based international system that has prevented World War III and thereby free up America’s hand elsewhere in the world. Read more [...]

US cuts to UNRWA point to the dark future being readied for the Palestinians

Trump and Netanyahu in love pose Jonathan Cook argues that Israel and the US are close to their goal of transforming a political conflict governed by international law that favours the Palestinians into an economic problem overseen by an array of donors that favours Israel. Read more [...]

America’s reality remake: Creationists and Zionists

Disinformation: America's reality remake Lawrence Davidson highlights the disinformation efforts of Creationists and Zionists in the US, noting in particular the attempts by the Zionist Institute for Curriculum Services in Virginia to distort the school curriculum to whitewash Israel and its crimes. Read more [...]

Trump’s degeneracy and America’s moral angst

Trump's moral degeneracy Lawrence Davidson examines the belated revulsion of many Americans at the moral degeneracy, racism and bigotry of Donald Trump and his administration, and wonders if this revulsion will be reflected in November’s congressional elections. Read more [...]

The US at war with itself

Resurgence of US racism and bigotry Lawrence Davidson explains why the dark days of pre-Civil War and pre-Civil Rights America are coming back to haunt today’s US, with Trump being both a manifestation and a champion of their racism and bigotry. Read more [...]

ترامب النووي (Nuclear Trump)

Nuclear Trump بقلم منذر هنداوي يشكل Read more [...]

The US White House’s mercenary connection

Erik Prince of Blackwater Lawrence Davidson examines the Trump administration’s latest folly: colluding with the Saudis and other Gulf Arabs to fund and man what amounts to a mercenary army led by Christian fundamentalist Erik Prince to replace the US troops in Syria. Read more [...]

Missiles over Damascus courtesy of monsters in Washington

Monster Trump Lawrence Davidson examines the impulses and traits behind the decision of US President Trump to bomb the Syrian capital for an alleged chemical weapons attack without any hard evidence that the Syrian state was responsible for the attack. Read more [...]

US smooths Israel’s path to annexing West Bank

Jewish coloniser in occupied West Bank Jonathan Cook argues that thanks to Trump’s unconditional support, Israel has accelerated its annexation of the occupied West Bank, with the settler-minister Naftali Bennet bragging that after a couple of months world opposition would fade away. Read more [...]