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بماذا غرق ميلود؟ (What did Maylud sink to? On empathy, self-examination and dialogue)

Empathy and self-examination بقلم منذر هنداوي تعثرت Read more [...]

Time for Arabs and Muslims to look in the mirror

Wake up and face reality Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information Read more [...]

Watch: Palestine before the Zionist cancer

Have you ever wondered what Palestine Read more [...]

Islamist killing in the name of Allah

Islamist violence in Egypt With Islamists murdering Muslims and non-Muslims alike the world over, Nureddin Sabir examines the argument which warns against distinguishing between extremist and so-called “moderate” Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Read more [...]

A small victory for Muslim women’s rights in Britain

Rebekah Dawson Nureddin Sabir welcomes a British judge’s ruling that a Muslim woman must remove her veil while giving evidence in court, but says what’s needed is a ban on the veil in public. Read more [...]

Richard Dawkins’s wake up call to Muslims met with hysteria

It’s pretty sad when anyone, let Read more [...]

Egypt’s no-win dilemma

Amid the fast-moving developments Read more [...]

Bloody future awaits the Middle East

Syrian bloodbath Uri Avnery says events in Syria could signal the disintegration of the nation-state and a return to ethnic-religious communities and, with them, “wholesale massacres and ethnic cleansing” . Read more [...]

Religious persecution and Israeli exceptionalism

US-Israel religious hypocrisy Stuart Littlewood examines a prime example of double standards from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, which exempts Israeli persecution of non-Jewish faiths from its list of religious persecutors. Read more [...]

Betraying Americans for Israel

Barbara Boxer US senators – Democrats and Republicans – acting on behalf of Israel are pushing through legislation allowing the Israeli government to engage in racial, ethnic and religious discrimination against American citizens. Read more [...]