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US aid deal gives green light to Israel’s erasure of Palestine

Obama and Netanyahu smiling at each other Jonathan Cook says the latest US military aid package to Israel – the largest in US history – is a clear signal to the Palestinians that Washington sees no pressing strategic interest in ending the Israeli occupation. Read more [...]

War Against the People: a timely jolt to spur civil society action

Jeff Halper's book, War Against the People Stuart Littlewood reviews Jeff Halper’s book, War Against the People, which “exposes the evil intent behind Israel's occupation and creeping annexation” and aims to enable activists to “formulate an effective anti-security and counter-hegemony agenda”. Read more [...]

It’s business as usual between the United States and Israel

The numbers may be shocking but it’s Read more [...]

The prospect of a fascist coup in Israel

David Adamov Uri Avnery examines the prospect of a military mutiny if the Israeli army, consisting of teenagers indoctrinated in the spirit of Jewish victimhood and superiority, is ordered to remove Jewish squatter colonies. Read more [...]

Only an international force can save Libya

Libya disintegration The only solution left to prevent Libya’s disintegration – and its violent consequences for others – is for the Security Council to authorize military intervention under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Read more [...]

The 1973 war and the power of deterrence

1973 Arab-Israeli war Gilad Atzmon says 40 years after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, there is still a lesson to be learnt by the Arab states and Iran: the absolute need for a deterrent capability. Read more [...]

Africa and the merchants of death

It’s depressing how little seems Read more [...]

Ex-US commander: “I paid a military security price” for American support of Israel

The United States establishment is Read more [...]

Israeli death merchants and Palestinian guinea pigs

"The Lab" Gilad Atzmon reviews a new groundbreaking documentary which examines the Israeli military-industrial complex and the how Israeli death merchants have assumed a leading role in world military and “security” circles. Read more [...]

Israel: strategic ally or liability for the USA?

Stephen Sniegoski explains why Israel is in fact a significant political, military and strategic liability for the United States. Read more [...]