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Binyamin Netanyahu’s pipe dream

Netanyahu's pipe dream Uri Avnery unpicks some of Premier Netanyahu’s illusions, from the idea of Israel as the state of the Jews to the suggestion that Jewish colonists can remain in a future Palestinian state. Read more [...]

Not so happy Christmas for Israeli stooge Denis McShane

Gilad Atzmon writes: Shameless Read more [...]

Israel takes apartheid a step further

The apartheid state of Israel has Read more [...]

Yet another Israeli rabbi spouts racist poison against Arabs

Jewish racists who are saddened by Read more [...]

Futile Israeli-Palestinian peace talks – again

This is Israeli apartheid Jonathan Cook argues that at stake in the latest round of Israeli- Palestinian talks is not just the fate of the occupied territories, but that of Israel’s own Arab citizens. Read more [...]

Russian Jews urge Israel to continue murdering, stealing and pillaging

If you thought that American or European Read more [...]

Time for Palestine solidarity to liberate itself

Remember Palestine Gilad Atzmon calls on the Palestine solidarity movement to focus on its raison d'être – the liberation of Palestine and the right of return – and abandon attempts to appease liberal Zionists. Read more [...]

Israel flag wavers to “re-educate” MP David Ward

Jewish censorship Stuart Littlewood views reports that UK Liberal Democrats have appointed the pro-Israel lobby as “probation officers and educators” to judge if David Ward is “salvageable” and lay down precise language rules. Read more [...]

Traitors in US Congress setting the pace again

Ileana Ros Lehtinen Alan Hart argues that US Republican Senator Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s willingness to do the Zionist lobby’s bidding in Congress is not only contrary to the US national interest, but amounts to treason. Read more [...]

Demographic success of Israel’s settlement project

Neve Gordon and Yinon Cohen explain by means of an infogram why demographic changes within the Israeli-occupied West Bank suggest that the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no longer possible. Read more [...]