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Israel wants a peace process – but only if it’s doomed to fail

Binyamin Netanyahu with a warplane in the background Jonathan Cook examines Binyamin Netanyahu’s deceitful manoeuvrings intended to ride out the French peace initiative until Obama’s successor is installed next year, by which time Netanyahu can forget about the threat of a two-state solution. Read more [...]

Who is right in Syria?

Syria foreign intervention Lawrence Davidson examines the actions and behaviours of Russia, the US and France, and Turkey in the Syrian civil war and assesses which of these parties appears to be acting in the interest of long-term stability in Syria. Read more [...]

Reign of “absurdiocy”: Terrorism and the Western and Israeli responses

Paris attacks and Western leaders Uri Avnery looks at how terrorism, most recently the “Islamic State” attacks in Paris and the lockdown in Brussels, has fed the opportunism of Israeli politicians and exposed the ignorance, incompetence and bankruptcy of Western leaders. Read more [...]

Some popular fallacies about Islamism

British Islamists Magdi Abdelhadi debunks some of the common misconceptions about Islam and Islamism, and spells out the essential steps that must be taken if the pernicious ideology that drives the likes of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State is to be defeated. Read more [...]

Netanyahu, Europe’s far right find common ground

Binyamin Netanyahu and Europe's right Jonathan Cook says Israel’s PM and Europe’s far right’s common vision is a Europe free of Jews, who should be in Israel, and free of Muslims, who risk undermining support for Israel. Read more [...]

Terror in Paris: how we got there and a way out

Terror in Paris Lawrence Davidson views the Paris attacks in the broader contexts that contributed to them, and asks how much blood has to be shed before we honour the only escape route: international law. Read more [...]

Paris attacks – Islamists’ gift to Israel

Netanyahu waving at Paris demonstration Uri Avnery argues that the jihadist terrorist attacks in Paris benefited Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli right and Zionism in general, and may also help entrench the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Read more [...]

War crimes suspects lead Paris anti-terror march

Netanyahu-Livni-Paris Stuart Littlewood voices incredulity at the appearance of war criminals Binyamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni, and Jewish squatter leader Naftali Bennett, at the Pars march marking the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Read more [...]

Quenelle: blame Dr Strangelove and the Bomb

Dr Strangelove Stuart Littlewood examines the fuss caused by footballer Nicolas Anelka's and French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M’bala’s Quenelle gesture, noting that it was conceived by Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove and the Bomb. Read more [...]

Watch: Debunking British Zionist comedian Baddiel’s smears

Israel-born musician and writer Gilad Read more [...]