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Did Canadian taxpayers foot Islamic State’s recruitment bill?

Kadiza Sultana The horrifying case of Kadiza Sultana: Read more [...]

International law and crimes against humanity

Eroding international law Lawrence Davidson examines how states that are apt to commit crimes against humanity, such as Israel and its Western protecters, are wilfully eroding international law using spurious excuses, to the detriment of ordinary people. Read more [...]

Israel holds pregnant Canadian woman hostage

Marianne Azizi writes: Hana Gan, Read more [...]

Canadian students vote to join boycott of Israel

Canada may be Israel’s closest Read more [...]

Yet more Canadian students join the boycott Israel movement

While Israel’s apologists withdraw Read more [...]

From Ireland to Canada, boycott Israel is the word

Good news for humanity, bad news Read more [...]

Canadian students vote to boycott apartheid Israel

Bad news for Israel is becoming almost Read more [...]

Canadian Protestant church joins boycott Israel campaign

From the Zionist cesspit that is Read more [...]

Canadian stooges stand by their Israeli man

If there’s one group of stooges Read more [...]

Canada’s racism contradictions

Stop the racist JNF Yves Engler says that while racist property ownership covenants are outlawed in Canada, the openly racist Jewish National Fund receives Canadian public funds and is feted by the premier and other politicians. Read more [...]