Sharing and inequality

Sharing – the alternative to inequality and collapse 

Graham Peebles explains why redistribution – or sharing – of resources, skills and knowledge is the sensible alternative to the prevalent neo-liberal model, which is promoting inequality and destroying social cohesion. More »

Binyamin Netanyahu and Ed Miliband

UK opposition leader falls for Zionist propaganda

Stuart Littlewood reminds us of UK opposition leader Ed Miliband’s broken promise – that he would visit the occupied Palestinian territories – and views his decision instead to regurgitate Israeli propaganda. More »

Pollution in Delhi

Filthy, deadly mayhem in India

Graham Peebles highlights the debilitating effects of pollution in India, arguing that it is time to end the official corruption and complacency that is turning India into the world’s biggest sewer. More »

Burst bubble

Why the Palestinian-Israeli talks bubble burst

Uri Avnery examines the myths, the comprehensive lack of understandings and the fears of the alternatives to a world of make-believe surrounding the failed US-mediated talks between Israel and the Palestinians. More »

Israeli serpent

Israel the unprincipled entity

Jamal Kanj says American spinelessness towards Israel – once described by a French diplomat as a “shitty little country” – is responsible for the collapse of so-called “peace” talks with the Palestinians. More »

BBC Israel Public Inquiry

BBC misreports John Kerry on talks failure

Nureddin Sabir detects the hands of Zionists behind the BBC’s misreporting of US Secretary of State Kerry’s statement, to downplay his blaming of Israel for the failure of talks with the Palestinians. More »

Israeli theft of Palestinian rights

The reality behind the Israeli-Palestinian talks

Jonathan Cook argues that, with the imminent failure of the Israeli-Palestinian talks,“the era of wishful thinking may finally be coming to an end – and that will be progress in itself”. More »

Israeli bullying

Threats from Palestine’s nasty neighbour

Stuart Littlewood views Israel’s threatening response to Palestinian moves to join international organizations as they’re entitled to, and wonders what entitles the squatters to threaten the indigenous people from exercising their rights. More »

Sheldon Adelson

Zionist billionaire eyes US presidential purchase

Uri Avnery examines how big money is corrupting US and Israeli politics, and highlights the role of American Jewish casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson who is now considering his next US presidential purchase. More »

Zionism is racism

Rosenberg’s conundrum: Zionism vs reality

Lawrence Davidson says, contrary to Michael Rosenberg’s defence of a racial Israel, “Zionism… has to go – for the sake of the Palestinians and... for a more promising future for the Jews”. More »

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BBC misreports John Kerry on talks failure

BBC Israel Public Inquiry

Nureddin Sabir detects the hands of Zionists behind the BBC’s misreporting of US Secretary of State Kerry’s statement, to downplay his blaming of Israel for the failure of talks with the Palestinians.

The enduring power of Zionism’s propaganda lies

Big media lies

Alan Hart challenges BBC news chiefs to meet him so he can outline the need for historical truth in reporting the Palestine conflict but says fear of Zionism means this cannot happen.

The BBC’s Zionism laid bare

The BBC, Britain’s state broadcaster, has gone rogue – more so than the norm for this rather sick behemoth. On 31 August we reported that the BBC News website’s Middle East editor,

BBC editor tells staff to be soft on Israel

BBC News website Middle East Editor Raffi Berg

Nureddin Sabir says the revelation that the BBC News website’s Middle East editor, Raffi Berg, asked his staff to belittle Israel’s aggression on Gaza should be urgently investigated by an independent body.

Ex-BBC journalist on an expenses-paid propaganda trip to Israel

With the the worst brand reputation on the planet and a well-oiled international public relations campaign that is increasingly failing to pull the wool over people’s eyes, Israel has been able to call

Remembering what the bloodshed in Egypt is about

Everyone who cares for Egypt is stunned by the death and destruction witnessed in Cairo and elsewhere in the country over the past couple of days. Stunned, but not surprised, for this

BBC Persian interview with Gilad Atzmon triggers Zionist outrage

Gilad Atzmon writes: Last week I was invited by BBC Persian to be interviewed on their on “HardTalk” programme… After the recording I was pretty sure the BBC would shelve it but

The BBC and Bradley Manning: censorship, incompetence or cowardice?

Whenever we see reports of censorship by Britain’s state broadcaster, the BBC, we find it rather hard whether to describe this as censorship, cowardice, cock-up, ignorance or sheer lack of editorial integrity.

Arch-Zionist gets top BBC strategy job

James Purnell

Nureddin Sabir argues that the appointment of notorious Zionist James Purnell to the BBC’s top policy and strategy job will ensure that the corporation remains a loyal mouthpiece of Israel.

BBC starts the week with an Israeli stooge

Start the Week host Andrew Marr

Nureddin Sabir highlights an instance of gross misinformation broadcast by the BBC in which senior journalist Andrew Marr allowed a neocon to peddle a blatant lie on behalf of Israel without challenge.