American father fights for his kidnapped children’s lives in Israel as his son wastes away “in care”

Marianne Azizi writes:

Last January we wrote about two American children, Jericho and Yamit Dudovich, who had been snatched from their school by the Israeli police and social workers under a false pretext.

Since then matters have taken a sharp turn for the worse.

This is a picture of Jericho before he was kidnapped.

Jericho and father

And this is how he looks now, having benefited from being “in care” – Israeli style.

Jericho Dudovich emaciated after being "in care" in Israel

Jericho had been begging for help. “Let me go home to my father,” he said.

After what seems like an age “in care”, Jericho is now wasting away, skeletal and looking very sick.

Meanwhile, his father Jonathan has no idea of how his daughter Yamit is. She is at more risk than Jericho – locked up and being force-fed both medication and food, for trying to run away from her “care” hell.

An Israeli judge has completely ignored Jericho’s request to go home, or even get out for a visit. Instead, he recommended that he might enjoy a foster family. But it is clear that the enforced captivity is destroying the child.

Jericho’s and Yamit’s American father needs help. He no longer has the energy to fight the Israeli court system, which ignores the right of the child and has ignored all the evidence and the witnesses the father has offered.

Jonathan is in severe trauma and is powerless to rescue his children. He fears they will die.

So it is up to you, the public, to share this story – and the picture of the emaciated child.

Jericho’s father has been prevented from seeing his son since the first picture of his emaciated son was taken. This is not surprising. His son’s presence “in care” generates a profit of $5,000 per month for Israel’s privatised institutions.

Jericho is not the only child locked up by Israel’s welfare authorities – the are many others, each with his or her horrendous story.

How long can the Israeli authorities continue to avoid accountability for the numerous crimes being committed against children and families?

For more details, contact Marianne Azizi via her Facebook page.

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