Israeli media ignore pregnant mother camped outside Netanyahu’s office

Marianne Azizi writes:

It’s cold in Jerusalem but Daniela Herzage (pictured above) and her husband Erik Gross refuse to give up.

Daniela has reached the incredible milestone of six months on the street campaigning for the return of her son,

Now four months pregnant with twins, Daniela is braving the weather in a campaign for all the stolen children of Israel.

Despite all efforts, there has been no response from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu or his representatives, as he passes them almost daily on his way to work. Other Knesset members have stopped to discuss the situation. Are their hands tied? And, yet again, the Israeli media remain silent.

In the blistering heat of summer Daniela and her husband camped in Balfour Street, Jerusalem, close to Netanyahu’s official residence. In the cold of winter the authorities repeatedly took their tent down, leaving them at the mercy of the elements or sleeping in a nearby car when they can. The first time the authorities took the tent down happened to be on the couple’s wedding night last year, after a service and celebration carried out in the street with security guards watching.

Two years ago, Daniela’s son, Diego, was taken from her following false reports by the welfare authorities. After 18 months of struggle, she felt there was no other choice but to protest in the street – something few Israelis do.

Daniela recorded a confession from the psychiatrist who wrote the false report, admitting he had never met her or her son. She has no police record, nor taken drugs or alcohol and has never abused her 11-year-old son. Her crime was to try to change her son’s school and failing to find him a replacement, despite dozens of letters trying to get him back into the education system. If this is a crime, then why not prosecute her? Instead, the welfare authorities took her son away from her for almost two years now and put him in a boarding school.

Daniela Herbage's supporters

Daniela Herzage and her husband Erik Gross have received huge moral support from the community

As a result of the separation, Diego suffers from trauma. When Daniela got married last year, the authorities refused to allow him to attend her wedding.

She is not just fighting for her own son, but campaigning for a change in the law which allows the authorities to take children away from their parents all too easily. With as many as 10,000 children taken away from their homes every year, this has become a lucrative business for therapists, social workers and foster parents, and a booming business yielding millions of dollars to the fully privatised welfare system.

Daniela is an educated woman who speaks several languages. She comes from a wealthy background and she and Diego lived well when they were together. But she was prevented from showing this evidence to the court.

She and her husband Erik have received huge moral support from the community, and they live on food given provided by their friends. But the mainstream media remain silent. How can their story not be newsworthy? Social media, on the other hand, are full of comments and support for the couple, and brimming with information about official child snatching in Israel.

Daniela and Erik are running out of time. They will have to leave the street at some point in the future before their twins are born. But the joy of imminent birth is marred by the absence of 11-year-old Diego. He languishes in misery – wanting to be with his family and be the big brother to his new siblings.

What cruelty there is in the state of Israel where thousands of mothers and fathers have had their children wrenched from them – their lives torn apart, years lost in futile battles against the state, which acts with impunity and immunity.

Israel’s privatised child business is aided by the World International Zionist Organisation (Wizo), Zionist financier Lynn Schusterman and American private organisation Orr Shalom, to name but a few.

Behind the smokescreen of international politics, Israel is literally getting away with the murder of a new generation and many parents.

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