Jewish identity politics, Palestine and the left

Gilad Atzmon writes:

I am particularly happy about this interview with George Galloway MP.

This is an intensive discussion on Jewish identity politics, Palestine, progressive false terminology, the “left” – whatever is left – Pink Floyd, jazz, the saxophone and more.

I guess that in spite of the relentless Jewish smear campaign against me and my writing, my reading of Jewish identity politics has miraculously prevailed.

I am honoured to have been invited to RT’s Sputnik. I was particularly cheered up when I realised that George Galloway and Putri Gayatri Pertiwi provided me with a platform to express my thoughts freely.

Last but not least, George was kind to label me the “world’s best sax player”. I am indeed a successful musician but I am not the world’s best. However, I certainly plan to become the best – I am practising my sax on a daily basis.

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