Monthly Archives: November 2014

Judaeo-Nazism and a possible deal with Iran

US Zionist lobbies Alan Hart argues that if the Zionist lobby wrecks a possible nuclear deal with Iran, this would damage US interests in the Middle East and may cost the Republicans the next election. Read more [...]

The spy camera as our friend

“Can surveillance cameras help Read more [...]

Israel’s model of political despair in Jerusalem

Jerusalem repression Jonathan Cook says Israeli policy in Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank is turning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict into an “unmanageable colonial conflict that risks heading towards religious conflagration”. Read more [...]

The nightmare we called the “Arab Spring”

Guernica Nureddin Sabir says the “Arab Spring” had been misunderstood from the start and, at least in Syria and Libya, what were said to be pro-democracy revolutions were in fact Islamist insurrections. Read more [...]

Jerusalem: The Unholy City

Israeli soldiers at Al-Aqsa Uri Avnery says Israeli policies in Jerusalem – ethnic cleansing, neglect, oppression, provocation – have created an explosive situation in the city, which is now a hostile environment for inhabitants and tourists. Read more [...]

Prosecute Israel – or let the people decide

International Criminal Court1 Jamal Kanj says the Palestinian Authority must use the momentum of European recognitions of Palestine as a state to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for its violations of international law. Read more [...]

UK local council boycotts Israeli squatter products

A British local council has voted Read more [...]

Watch: Why is Jerusalem always on edge?

It seems like every violent incident Read more [...]

Watch: Iranian women’s fight against the hijab

Iranian writer, producer and Read more [...]

Israeli politicians inciting murder and mayhem

Kheir al-Din Hamdan Uri Avnery argues that the actions of irresponsible Israeli politicians – from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Minister of Home Security Yitzhak Aharonowitz – is paving the way for a Palestinian uprising. Read more [...]