No mixed marriages please, we’re Israeli racists

A racist Israeli group has begun a campaign of harassment to prevent a Palestinian-Jewish couple from marrying, the +972 news website reported.

Palestinian resident of Jaffa Mahmoud Mansour is said to have hired 14 security guards to protect his wedding next week after the racist group Lehava called on its supportes to converge at the venue of the wedding in order to prevent him from marrying Morel Malka, a Jewish Israeli.

Lehava poster: "Don't even dare think about a Jewish woman"

“Don’t even dare think about a Jewish woman” – Lehava poster in Jerusalem (Courtesy TF)

The +972 website cited a report in NRG as saying that Lehava obtained a copy of the wedding invitation from social media and “published it in full, providing the date and location of the wedding, and called on people to come out in full force and protest”.

A similar organization, Yad L’Achim, whose motto is “We don’t give up on even a single Jew”, flagged up the planned wedding on a status update on its Facebook page. It showed a blurred photograph of the bride-to-be and urged readers to encourage her to call off the wedding. The update received 2,000 likes and 600 shares.

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