Monthly Archives: August 2014

Watch: US broadcaster Mike Malloy wipes the floor with Israel apologists

Reasoning with a Zionist is an oxymoron. Read more [...]

Israel’s American, English and Australian cheerleaders

Have you ever wondered why Western, Read more [...]

The UK and US Jewish mercenaries serving in Israel’s Wehrmacht

Much has been made of the European Read more [...]

Watch: A brief explanation of Libya’s demise

For the casual observer, the Read more [...]

Watch: Israel’s squatter colonies

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Read more [...]

Watch: US aid to Israel – the real deal

The special relationship between Read more [...]

Questions to ask your pro-Israeli friends

Palestine questions Paul Kinzelman formulates a set of questions which people of conscience can ask Israel’s supporters on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general and on Israel’s genocidal war against the people of Gaza. Read more [...]

Corporate capitalism versus human happiness 

Happiness Graham Peebles argues that the prevailing paradigm of market fundamentalism, neo-liberalism, globalisation and corporate politics, rather than promote social cohesion and the pursuit of happiness, engender depression, anxiety, greed and disharmony. Read more [...]

Ridding Britain of Israel’s stooges

Britain-Israel Stuart Littlewood says Britons must get rid of the “enemy within” – the Israel flag wavers – before they could bring Israel to account and peace and prosperity to the Palestinians. Read more [...]

Netanyahu’s self-inflicted Gaza conundrum

Netanyahu's ceasefire trick Uri Avnery says the collapse of the ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas may have been engineered by the Israeli secret service, and also helped Netanyahu out of a tight political corner. Read more [...]