Monthly Archives: May 2014

Nobody to negotiate with in Israel and why

Binyamin Netanyahu the liar Alan Hart argues that, contrary to Israeli Premier Netanyahu’s eagerness to blame the Palestinians for the failure the latest “peace” talks, the blame is deeply embedded in Zionism, Israel’s ideological birth mother. Read more [...]

Italians say “No” to Israeli water thief Mekorot

All over the world, people of conscience Read more [...]

The Israel that could have been in Argentina

Pope at Herzl's dump With the conclusion of the Argentinian Pope Francis’s visit to Palestine, Uri Avnery reminds us of what could have been: an Israel located in Argentina, as preferred by Zionism’s founder, Theodor Herzl. Read more [...]

Maya Angelou, Rachel Corrie and the struggle for justice

American author, historian and civil Read more [...]

Why boycotting Israel is important and necessary

Boycott Zionist Boycott Israel Stuart Littlewood explains – using three poignant case studies highlighting Israel’s barbarous treatment of Palestinian students – why it is essential to tighten the boycott noose around the apartheid Jews-only state’s neck. Read more [...]

Which Israel is greeting Pope Francis?

Pope Francis touches the Apartheid Wall in Bethlehem Jamal Kanj reminds us of the Israel that is welcoming Pope Francis: "Hebrew neo-Nazis” who deface churches, smash crosses, view Christian worshippers as “crusaders” and gentiles as outside the law’s protection. Read more [...]

Israel’s Netanyahu boasts about making fools of Americans

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Read more [...]

DePaul University students vote to divest from apartheid Israel

Hats off to the students of DePaul Read more [...]

Enough is enough in Ethiopia

Rally in Ethiopia Graham Peebles argues that, with elections in Ethiopia due next year, now is the time for all Ethiopians to unite, speak with one voice and demand their rights to freedom and justice. Read more [...]

Barack Obama’s acceptance of the Israeli narrative

Israel vs USA Uri Avnery explains why President Barack Obama’s apparent decision to let Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas “stew in their own juice” is tantamount to acceptance of the Israeli narrative. Read more [...]