Why is the Jewishness of UK’s Ed Miliband and his new US election adviser relevant?

“UK’s Labour’s first Jewish leader Milband signs ex-Obama advisor Axelrod – also Jewish – as senior strategic adviser,” reads the strapline of a story published in the Israeli news website Ynet.

The story is about Ed Miliband recruiting David Axelrod to the opposition Labour Party’s election team.

It said:

Labour said David Axelrod, a key figure behind Obama’s two presidential victories, will join its election campaign team as senior strategic adviser.

The party said Axelrod will work closely with senior Labour officials and take part in regular strategic discussions with party leader Ed Miliband. Both Milband and Axelrod are Jewish.

Axelrod said in a statement Thursday [17 April] he signed up because he was struck by Miliband’s ideas over several conversations. He added that both Miliband and Obama had the vision to focus on the “experience of everyday people.”

Miliband said Axelrod will be a “huge asset” to Labour’s campaign against the governing Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.

Reading the Ynet story, it’s hard to judge which is the more significant: the fact that Miliband has recruited an ex-Obama adviser or the fact that Jewish Miliband has recruited Jewish Axelrod.

Are we to conclude that Miliband’s choice of Axelrod was governed by Jewish tribal considerations? If not, then why mention that Miliband and Axelrod are both Jewish?

Indeed, if it had been a gentile media outlet which said that Jewish Miliband had selected Jewish Axelrod as an election adviser, that outlet would have faced an endless stream of accusations of anti-Semitism.

Perhaps the fact that Ynet deemed Miliband’s and Axelrod’s Jewishness worthy of mention is a reflection of the fundamentally racist outlook of Israeli society.

It’s how Zionists see the world: a mutually incompatible bipolar universe of Jews and non-Jews.

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