Israel to build 829 new Jewish squatter homes on stolen Palestinian land

In yet another act of bad faith, Israel has given the go-ahead for the construction of 829 new Jewish squatter homes in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli pressure group Peace Now reported today.

“The construction of 829 homes has been approved by a committee of the Israeli military in charge of the West Bank,” a Peace Now official told the French news agency AFP. “This is yet another move that threatens to derail the peace process,” he added.

The new squats will be built north of Jerusalem in the Jewish colonies  of Givat Zeev, Nofei Prat, Shilo, Givat Salit and Nokdim.

Two weeks ago Israel announced its largest ever plan for Jewish squatter homes, saying some 20,000 would be built in the West Bank.

But the Zionist land thieves put the decision on hold following pressure from the United States, falsely implying that they would show good faith in the talks with the Palestinians in return for the Americans stepping back from striking a nuclear deal with Iran

However, now that a deal with Iran has been struck, there’s no need to lie anymore.

Besides, didn’t the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, pledge to continue talking to Israel come what may for the full period of talks agreed with Washington that will end in about April?

So, why not take advantage of this idiotic pledge to do what any self-respecting thief would do and steal as much as possible in the intervening period without fear of political repercussions?

Another own goal for the hapless quisling Abbas!

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