Israeli kippa-wearing officer gets away with thuggery

Remember Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner? He’s the kippa-wearing thug of the Israeli army who made himself famous in April 2012 when he carried out unprovoked attacks on five pro-Palestinian cyclists demonstrating for freedom of movement on a Jews-only road in the Jordan Valley.

As you might expect of the “world’s most moral army”, he seems to have gotten away with his thuggery.

But first, let’s remind ourselves of what he did.

In the video above, at 0:09, you can see his hate-filled face as he warns a Palestinian TV reporter. At 1:50, he attacks a woman in a white blouse, and follows this up with two more assaults in quick succession: at about 2:00, when he attacks a Danish cyclist with his US-made M-16 rifle, and then an overhand attack using the gun. Then, at 2:22 he carries out two more assaults.

The Israeli news website Ynet today informs us that Eisner has finally received his punishment: two months of community service without discharge from the army!

Oh – the unprovoked attacks did cost Eisner a promotion, as head of the Bahad 1 officers’ school. But just in case you think that was a bit too harsh, don’t worry: he was appointed to a senior position at the Zeelim army base instead.

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