Disarm Israel of nuclear weapons – an Israeli breaks a taboo

So much energy and propaganda has been invested by Israel and its stooges and pimps around the world regarding the supposed danger posed by Iran’s nuclear programme and the need to bomb Iran that two very obvious options have been ignored – deliberately.

However, one Israeli academic has plucked up the courage to spell them out: a nuclear-free Middle East – in effect, Israel’s nuclear disarmament, since Israel is the only state in the Middle East bristling with nuclear weapons – and ending the occupation.

In an opinion piece in the Israeli news website Ynet, Yuval Eylon, faculty member at the Open University’s Department of Philosophy, says:

…it turns out that “doing everything to stop Iran’s nuclear program” does not include one very reasonable option: a diplomatic initiative for nuclear disarmament… Before dismissing this idea, one must keep in mind that a nuclear bomb does not provide a magical solution, and the prospect of an Iranian nuclear bomb is not too comforting either.

The disarmament option is being ignored because Israel has been promoting the “villa in the jungle” doctrine since the 1990s: it claims there is no partner, it rejects the Arab Peace Initiative and wants to remain the only nuclear-armed country in the region at any cost.

The director of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, Shaul Horev, explained the Jewish state’s refusal to take part in a regional non-proliferation conference by saying that a nuclear-free Middle East “will be possible only after the establishment of peace and trust among the states of the area, as a result of a local initiative, not of external coercion”.

But Israel is not advancing “peace and trust among the states of the area” because that would require ending the occupation, while Israel insists on continuing the occupation – even at the price of being stuck with the sad choice between a bomb and a military strike. The combination of counting solely on force and the addiction to the occupation has brought Israel to a broken trough.

Is there anyone out there listening?

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