Jewish squatter paints “slaughter Jews” on own car to smear Palestinians

For decades Israelis and their Zionist lackeys around the world have used the label of “anti-Semitism” to brand Palestinians seeking freedom, justice and self-determination as racists bent on driving Jews into the sea.

This is despite the fact that most of the racism in the Holy Land, from attacks on Palestinian schoolchildren to the growing phenomena of “price tag” attacks – acts of property damage, arson and graffiti – are committed by Jewish squatters against Palestinian civilians.

This fact appears to have registered with some Israelis who, unable to identify racist violence on the Palestinian side, have come up with a creative solution. According to the Israeli news website Ynet,

A young Jewish man was arrested overnight Friday [11 July] for staging an “Arab price tag” act on his own vehicle.

The 22 year old, who resides in a settlement near Jerusalem and was visiting family in the capital’s Kiryat Moshe neighbourhood, called the police a little after midnight and told the dispatcher that someone had spray-painted the phrase Idbah al-Yahud (“slaughter the Jews” in Arabic) on his car and slashed its tires.

He also claimed that a mixture of sugar and silicon was poured on the hood.

Officers who arrived at the scene interrogated the young man, who eventually admitted that he had damaged his own vehicle to “raise awareness” to “price tag” acts committed by Arabs against Jews.

No “price tag” acts committed by Arabs against Jews? No problem: fake them!

Bravo Israel! At least we now know a little bit more about the mental state of your children.

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