Corbyn’s Labour Party is being made to fail – by design

Corbyn capitulates to Zionists Jonathan Cook says by adopting the full Zionist definition of ‘anti-Semitism’, the UK Labour Party “will jettison the principle of free speech and curtail critical debate about… Israel’, and with it betray its grassroots supporters and Palestinian victims of Israeli crimes. Read more [...]

Israeli food theft as a form of genocide of Palestinian culture

Palestinian cuisine Lawrence Davidson says Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian cuisine is part of a process of systematically erasing indigenous Palestinian culture so that Palestine will no longer be identified with Palestinian culture and traditions, which will be replaced by those of the Israeli colonisers. Read more [...]

Israel wreaks terror on another harmless mercy ship 

Gaza Flotilla Boat 2018 Stuart Littlewood views Britain’s complicity through silence in Israel’s hijacking of a vessel carrying medical supplies for the blockaded Gaza Strip, against the background of the UN’s phony Palmer inquiry into a previous Israeli hijacking of an aid ship. Read more [...]

The faulty logic behind the Zionist attack on BDS

Right to boycott Israel Lawrence Davidson analyses the faulty 'logic' used by Israel and its Zionist supporters against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), the worldwide non-violent campaign to force Israel to conform to international law and cease its oppression of the Palestinians. Read more [...]

Britain’s Zionist Inquisition in full cry

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism Stuart Littlewood shows how, in their endavour to oust UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and replace him with a compliant pro-Israel stooge, Israel’s pimps are trying to bully Labour into adopting an unlawful definition of ‘anti-Semitism’. Read more [...]

New laws make Israeli apartheid official

Israel officially apartheid state Stuart Littlewood says Israel's adoption of the nationality laws exposes its “pretense to democracy and the claim to share Western values… as a sickening hoax” and that ”friends, stooges and pimps of the self-declared apartheid state now have nowhere to hide their shameful faces”. Read more [...]