Ethiopia: Final days of the ruling regime

Ethiopian unrest 2018 Graham Peebles welcomes the demise of the Ethiopian regime, arguing that the people have a common foe, a unified cause and a shared purpose and, no matter what the regime does, this time they will not be stopped. Read more [...]

The coward’s way: Israel’s war on the young

Israel's most immoral army in the world Stuart Littlewood describes the context under which the Israelis arrested a 14-year-old epileptic Palestinian girl for begging and, as punishment, dumped her in the Gaza Strip where she knew no-one and was cut off from her parents. Read more [...]

Israel dumps young Palestinian girl in Gaza where she knows no one

Israeli solder pointing gun at children Jonathan Cook describes how Israelis have sunk into the “darkness of a banal evil”, dumping a 14-year-old girl in a place she does not know, and an MP saying he would kick 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi who slapped a soldier desecrating her home. Read more [...]

Ending pollution requires a change of attitudes

Pollution and our responsibility Graham Peebles says while governments need to take a leading role to stop the pollution that is poisoning our environment, we all need to change the way we think and how we live, if our planet is to survive. Read more [...]

Debunking US Zionist David Harris’s “special Israel” arguments

David Harris of AJC Lawrence Davidson debunks the “threadbare” and “shopworn” arguments of David Harris, Chief Executive of the American Jewish Congress, that the world should overlook Israel’s criminal and racist behaviour. Read more [...]

Why is the Israeli army finally worried about Gaza?

Gaza poverty Jonathan Cook argues that Binyamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump “should be listening to Israel’s generals, who understand that there will be no defence against the fallout from the catastrophe looming in Gaza”. Read more [...]