Senator Schumer’s “divine” mission to serve Israel

Israel pimp Senator Charles Schumer Lawrence Davidson explains why US Democratic Senator Charles Schumer is either a hypocrite or an advocate of apartheid, and asks whether he wants US society to be as racist as that of Israel, which he has pledged to defend “with every bone in his body”. Read more [...]

Was that the next Palestinian president you just banned, Mr Trump?

Stuart Littlewood examines a possible reason for Trump’s refusal to grant Palestinian leading figure Hanan Ashrawi a visa: she “is a highly articulate and persuasive woman… and capable of reducing Trump and his entourage to mincemeat in any broadcast encounter”. Read more [...]

Why not turn the UK parliament into a holocaust memorial?

UK parliament against the background of the Israeli flag Gilad Atzmon argues that rather than marking Nazi war crimes by building a holocaust memorial at the heart of London, British Prime Minister Theresa May and her predecessors would be more honest to themselves and their people if they were to mark their own war crimes. Read more [...]

Expose´: UK’s Labour Party treats Palestinian supporters as mentally ill

Gilad Atzmon exposes the Labour Party offering critics of Israel mental health counselling, and shows how a Labour inquisitor of limited intellectual capacity harangued a member due to the inquisitor’s inability to comprehend simple critiques of Israel and Jewish politics. Read more [...]

The rise of popular democracy

Grassroots democracy Graham Peebles argues that an unstoppable worldwide movement of change is being created by the growing inculcation and expression of grassroots democratic principles, and that this momentum may just be strong enough to save the planet and usher in a new and just way of living. Read more [...]

Trump and Netanyahu undermining our future

Trump and Netanyahu up, close and personal Lawrence Davidson examines how Israel and the Donald Trump’s United States are pioneering the fight against civil, minority and gender rights, and leading the assault on the free press, freedom of speech and international law. Read more [...]