After 70 years of abuse, a definition of anti-Palestinian racism

No to racism and Zionism Stuart Littlewood highlights a newly-published definition of anti-Palestinian racism, and an authoritative study which shows the extent of the disinformation campaign behind the claims of “anti-Semitism” in the UK Labour Party. Read more [...]

Enemies of our future: Donald Trump and John Bolton

John Bolton and Donald Trump Lawrence Davidson argues that “placing people like Trump and Bolton into leading government positions is the same as inviting fascism back into our national lives”, and that this raises questions about the adequacy of the US political and education systems. Read more [...]

Everyone washes their hands as Gaza’s economy goes into freefall

Gaza catastrophe Jonathan Cook argues that none of the parties involved with the Gaza Strip is prepared to make a priority of its welfare, and explains why reconciliation between Hamas and Palestinian Authority Chaorman Mahmud Abbas is as far off as ever. Read more [...]

Interview: Miko Peled gives an insider’s views on the Zionist project

Miko Peled Miko Peled, an Israeli general’s son, stresses in an interview with Stuart Littlewood the need for pro-Palestinian activists to accelerate from solidarity to full-on resistance, and to treat Zionism and those who support it with far less tolerance. Read more [...]

Palestine: The testbed for Trump’s plan to tear up the rules-based international order

Israel servant Trump Jonathan Cook says by liquidating the Palestinian cause and letting Israel rampage unhindered, Trump hopes to destroy the rules-based international system that has prevented World War III and thereby free up America’s hand elsewhere in the world. Read more [...]

So it’s OK to ignore the Law of the Seas? “Close friend” Britain doesn’t object to Israel’s vicious piracy, nor does the EU

Israeli piracy Stuart Littlewood looks at the UK’s and EU’s conspiracy of silence — and maybe even collusion — that is allowing Israel to violate the UN Conventional on the Law of the Seas and maintain an illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip with impunity. Read more [...]