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Diet, ignorance and the environmental crisis

Diet and the environment Graham Peebles writes: Climate change Read more [...]

Creating Frankenstein’s Monster: Saudi Arabia’s ultra-conservative footprint in Africa

Saudi Islamism in Africa James Dorsey views Saudi Arabia's role in spurring political violence in sub-Saharan Africa, noting the Saudis spent $100 billion in 50 years on promoting an intolerant, supremacist, anti-pluralistic version of Islam. Read more [...]

Ethiopian migrants: suppressed at home, neglected abroad

Ethiopian repression and neglect Graham Peebles argues that the Ethiopian government, contrary to the praise from Washington, is in violation of a plethora of international covenants, its own constitution and its primary responsibility to protect its citizens. Read more [...]

Is violent change inevitable in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia non-violent resistance Graham Peebles argues that unity, organisation and peaceful resistance, not violent rebellion, is the way to get rid of Ethiopia’s repressive and discredited regime, which now emulates the military dictatorship it ousted. Read more [...]

From Libya to Italy in search of freedom

Refugee boat deaths Graham Peebles decries the intolerance, paranoia and hate that greet people from Africa and the Middle East who risk life and limb to flee the hell that has become their wracked countries. Read more [...]

Horn of Africa in search of peace

Dadaab_refugee_camp Graham Peebles wonders at man’s continual inhumanity to man as he hears at first hand from Somali refugees horrific tales of murder, torture and rape committed by Ethiopian soldiers and police. Read more [...]

Ethiopian persecution, threats and kidnappings

Ogaden Graham Peebles highlights the Ethiopian authorities' gross violations of human rights in the Somali-inhabited Ogaden region of the country – a microcosm of its barbarous behaviour in Oromo, Amhara, Gambella and elsewhere. Read more [...]

The abuse of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi racists abuse African Graham Peebles relates the abuse suffered by migrant workers expelled by Saudi Arabia, and argues that unless the root causes of migration are tackled, the abuse will continue, perhaps in another country. Read more [...]

Ethiopian migrants victimized in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia Graham Peebles highlights the plight of the Ethiopian migrants expelled by the Saudi authorities, and the indifference of the Ethiopian government towards them, but sees an opportunity for disenchanted Ethiopians to unite. Read more [...]

Ethiopian regime repression

Ethiopia repression Graham Peebles argues that Ethiopia's regime – repressive and suffocating as ever – is out of step with the spirit of the time where millions are demanding freedom, equality and social justice. Read more [...]