Monthly Archives: April 2019

Trump and Netanyahu undermining our future

Trump and Netanyahu up, close and personal Lawrence Davidson examines how Israel and the Donald Trump’s United States are pioneering the fight against civil, minority and gender rights, and leading the assault on the free press, freedom of speech and international law. Read more [...]

When the Jewish God is reduced to an arsonist

Jewish arsonist God Gilad Atzmon writes: We learned Read more [...]

On Jews being united

Alain Soral and Jewish unity Gilad Atzmon writes: In an article Read more [...]

Annexation of West Bank may provide key to unlocking Netanyahu’s legal troubles

Israeli land theft Jonathan Cook says Netanyahu may be about to give the Israeli far-right and the settlers what they want – annexation of parts or all of the West Bank – and in return, they back immunity legislation, thereby saving him from prosecution on corruption charges. Read more [...]

Israel: Are democracy and despotic racism compatible?

Facism by Ayelet Shaked Lawrence Davidson argues that rather than being a Western-style democracy, Israel is in fact “an elitist pseudo-democracy with racist despotism – the realisation of an elitist fortress from which Israel maintains distinctly undemocratic control of a hinterland full of conquered people”. Read more [...]

After seven years of deceptions about Assange, the US readies for its first media rendition

Persecution of Julian Assange Jonathan Cook highlights the role of mainstream “journalists” in the deceptive reporting of Britain’s and Sweden’s persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on behalf of the US – all “to protect their careers, and the system that rewards them”. Read more [...]

The One Jewish State Solution

One Jewish State Solution Gilad Atzmon writes: Some of Read more [...]

This Israeli election is between the right wing and the even more right wing

Israeli fascist electoral contenders 2019 Jonathan Cook says whatever Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his opposition contender Gantz claim now about being bitter enemies, the truth is that, ideologically, they have more in common than either cares to admit – both are right-wing, warmongering racists. Read more [...]

(Change, even after 70) التغيير حتى بعد السبعين

Determination بقلم منذرهنداوي كثيراً Read more [...]

The media smoothed the path to British soldiers using Corbyn as target practice

British soldiers using Corbyn as target practice Jonathan Cook says the British media’s and political elite’s constant vilification of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, their questioning of his “security credentials” and their failure to challenge those who accuse him of “anti-Semitism” is legitimising political violence and could lead to murder. Read more [...]