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Israeli media ignore pregnant mother camped outside Netanyahu’s office

Daniela Herzage protesting Marianne Azizi writes: It's cold Read more [...]

Unjust and dysfunctional: Asylum in the UK

Dysfunctional UK asylum system Graham Peebles argues that the British asylum system, which is slow, inadequate, cold and indifferent towards some of the world’s most vulnerable people, is causing hardship to thousands of innocents and is in need of urgent, far-reaching reform. Read more [...]

The usurped rights of Israel’s Palestinian citizens

Israeli apartheid - by Carlos Latuff Jamal Kanj explodes the myth of Israeli democracy, noting that Israel’s Palestinian citizens face discrimination in education, health care and housing, in addition to having their mobility restricted, living under martial rule and being continually dispossessed of the little land they own. Read more [...]

Israeli media silent as authorities seize and electronically tag newborn baby

Tagged Israeli baby Marianne Azizi writes: A newborn Read more [...]

Economic anxiety, public safety fears and the rise of demagogues in the US and Europe

Politics of fear Lawrence Davidson examines how economic anxiety and fears over public safety, fuelled by the Islamist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, are creating the environment for demagogues and militarists such as Donald Trump to flourish. Read more [...]

Israel’s lonely lawyer fighting impunity

Israeli lawyer Avigdor Feldman Uri Avnery explains the challenges facing Israeli lawyer Avigdor Feldman who has asked the Supreme Court to open a criminal investigation against Israelis who have killed "terrorists" after they had become unable to act. Read more [...]

Market-driven homelessness in London

Homelessness in London Graham Peebles highlights the growing problem of homelessness in the British capital, and the criminalisation and marginalisation of homeless people by a central government that is focused on serving the rich and powerful. Read more [...]

Israeli children’s organisation faces major lawsuit in USA for child abuse

Child Abuse - Eli-American Friends of the Israel Association for Child Protection Marianne Azizi writes: A USD 5 million Read more [...]

Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking

Justice Marianne Azizi writes: A major civil Read more [...]

Jewish mother flees Israel to give birth in Palestinian-run Bethlehem

Escape Marianne Azizi recounts the story of a pregnant Jewish mother who fled Israel to Palestinian-run Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, so that her child is not snatched from her and trafficked by the Israeli authorities. Read more [...]