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Ex-Israeli intelligence officer calls for funding for the illegal state of Israel to be stopped

Stop funding Israel Marianne Azizi writes: The gentleman

Israeli ministry falsely declares baby dead and sells him for adoption

Adi Levy Marianne Azizi writes: Adi Levy

The decline of the Western ethnic state

Demise of homogeneous state Lawrence Davidson views the present refugee crisis, triggered by the armed conflicts in the Arab world, in the context of the post-World War II – and continuing – demise of the homogeneous state.

Israel privatises child on the basis of hearsay

Privatising children Marianne Azizi describes how an Israeli woman’s quest for state assistance resulted in her son being taken away from her on the basis of hearsay, and both her and her son being denied their rights.

Israel strangles freedom of speech

Israeli censorship: protecting you from reality Knesset adopts bill to prevent state-controlled

The birth of Europe’s refugee crisis 

Birth of Europe's refugee crisis Jamal Kanj argues that the embryo of the refugee crisis facing Europe today was yesterday’s support for the Security Council-sanctioned war on Libya and the assistance given to“freelance” fighters in Syria.

Criminalising refugees: the disgrace of Britain’s immigration detention centres 

Harmondsworth detention centre Graham Peebles says the “dehumanising political immigration net” in Britain has created an environment of prejudice and fear, and allowed governments to criminalise people whose only crime is to be in need of a home.

Walk4Kids September 2015 – highlighting the lack of children’s rights in Israel

Children's rights Moti Leybel writes: Three hours

Jeremy Corbyn and the cry for justice and self-assertion

Jeremy Corbyn Gilad Atzmon writes: The meaning

Are your taxes paying for killing kids in Israel or for saving them?

Israel state-sponsored child kidnapping Marianne Azizi writes: The problem