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Israeli court refuses to extradite Orthodox Jewish lesbian paedophile to Australia

Paedophile Malka Leifer Marianne Azizi writes: The credibility Read more [...]

Poverty, isolation, removal: asylum in the UK

Plight of UK asylum seekers Graham Peebles examines Britain’s policy towards asylum seekers, which he says is not just ”incompetence bordering on madness”, but derives from intolerance, deprives asylum seekers of their dignity and treats them with a lack of compassion. Read more [...]

Israeli investigative reporter fears for life after major exposé of corruption

Censorship of Israeli corruption On 2 March 2016 Israeli Channel 10 TV broadcast the first part of a four-part documentary on the judicial system. The first episode – shown here – explores the connection between the prosecutor’s office and the mafia, which reaches as high as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Read more [...]

Israeli group launches database on businesses located in the Jewish settlements

Mejdool Dates The Israeli peace group Gush Shalom has launched a comprehensive database providing information for consumers on the location, activities and the evasive tactics used by businesses located in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. Read more [...]

Israeli Supreme Court hears appeal against world’s first ever conviction for “mind control”

Ambash women Professor Georges-Elia Sarfati, philosopher Read more [...]

Spanish man leaves Israel after being held for 399 days against his will

Nelson Ansia Marianne Azizi writes: We discovered Read more [...]

Open letter to the Palestinian leaders

Open letter to Palestinian leaders Ruth Tenne writes: The report by Read more [...]

What a Palestinian’s hunger strike tells about the fate of Israel’s occupation

Muhammad al-Qiq Jamal Kanj argues that the case of Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, who went on a record 94-day hunger strike in protest at his “administrative detention”, shows that Israel will not succeed in subjugating the Palestinian people. Read more [...]

The lucrative business of child abuse in Israel

Children not for sale Marianne Azizi writes: Activists Read more [...]

PLO condemns Britain for rewarding Israeli crimes

Boycott Israel Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information Read more [...]