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Israeli minister and judges, and US Zionist donors, face major lawsuit over child trafficking

Justice Marianne Azizi writes: A major civil

Jewish mother flees Israel to give birth in Palestinian-run Bethlehem

Escape Marianne Azizi recounts the story of a pregnant Jewish mother who fled Israel to Palestinian-run Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank, so that her child is not snatched from her and trafficked by the Israeli authorities.

The US-Israel nexus, fairness and the rule of law

Stop billions to Israel Richard Forer argues that the United States, by exempting Israel from US laws and shielding it from the consequences of violating international law, is the enabler of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories and its oppression of the Palestinian people.

Historic Palestinian and Jewish homes seized and turned into concrete boxes by Israel

Marianne Azizi writes: In the town

Destructive austerity: Poverty and social hardship in the UK

Austerity in UK Graham Peebles examines the devastating effects – and abject failure – of Britain’s neo-liberal programme to eliminate the budget deficit, and argues that what is needed is an approach that transcends ideologies and places the principle of sharing at its heart.

Out of the limelight, state-sponsored child kidnap and abuse continue in Israel

Israel Ambash Marianne Azizi writes: While the

US citizen in Israel for 18 months against his will

Yadidya - US citizen trapped in Israel Marianne Azizi writes: Yadidya is

Ex-Israeli intelligence officer calls for funding for the illegal state of Israel to be stopped

Stop funding Israel Marianne Azizi writes: The gentleman

Israeli ministry falsely declares baby dead and sells him for adoption

Adi Levy Marianne Azizi writes: Adi Levy

The decline of the Western ethnic state

Demise of homogeneous state Lawrence Davidson views the present refugee crisis, triggered by the armed conflicts in the Arab world, in the context of the post-World War II – and continuing – demise of the homogeneous state.