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Israel’s stolen children: where is UNICEF Israel?

Stolen children Marianne Azizi writes on the reluctance of UNICEF’s branch in Israel to support a planned 50 mile walk to raise awareness about Israel’s stolen children – and in support of children and families worldwide.

Education: time for a new purpose

J. Krishnamurti on education Graham Peebles says inhibiting ideological patterns of thought must be dismantled in all areas of education if we are to discover the answers to our social, economic and environmental problems, and create harmony.

UK minister David Mundell flees poverty protest in Scotland

David Mundell “Fluffy” Mundell flees the food

Israel Welfare Ministry wins media ban on story of mother fighting for her child

Gagging order Marianne Azizi writes: You may remember

US citizen begs for his life and freedom from Israel

Yadidya - US citizen trapped in Israel Marianne Azizi writes: I met with

Net closes on Israeli rights activist as watchdog takes up his case

Oppression can only survive through silence Marianne Azizi describes the environment in which Israeli rights activists have to work, where children are commodities in a state-sponsored lucrative business and where you can be locked up for protesting.

Israeli police swoop in on hunger striking mother outside minister’s home

Fanny – Israeli mother Marianne Azizi writes: As 9pm Israel

In memory of Salwa Bugaighis, Libyan human rights activist murdered by Islamist scum

Salwa Bugaighis Nureddin, Editor, Redress Information

Palestinian dignity and solidarity

Tabghe Church arson Mazin Qumsiyeh writes: Tabghe Church

Israeli social workers declare war on children’s rights journalist

Israeli social workers censor journalists Marianne Azizi writes: On 9 June