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Israeli police swoop in on hunger striking mother outside minister’s home

Fanny – Israeli mother Marianne Azizi writes: As 9pm Israel

In memory of Salwa Bugaighis, Libyan human rights activist murdered by Islamist scum

Salwa Bugaighis Nureddin, Editor, Redress Information

Palestinian dignity and solidarity

Tabghe Church arson Mazin Qumsiyeh writes: Tabghe Church

Israeli social workers declare war on children’s rights journalist

Israeli social workers censor journalists Marianne Azizi writes: On 9 June

Israel’s systematic abuse of the rights of the child

Israel's systematic child abuse Marianne Azizi describes the systematic, state-approved and financially-motivated abuse of the rights of the child in Israel, which breaks up families, institutionalises children, and enforces the forced adoption and fostering of children.

Dalit women and village justice in rural India

Dalit women Graham Peebles details examples of the injustice suffered by Dalit – “Untouchable – women in India, where corruption and an endemic failure to implement the law result in untold prejudice and discrimination against millions.

Israel’s state-approved abuse of children – for profit

Israeli state-approved child abuse Marianne Azizi writes: It's been

Common interests vs military power, and the quest for peace

Real peace is based on common interests Uri Avnery reminds Israel’s politicians of the poignant lessons of European history, which show that the only real and lasting peace is one that is based on common interests, not military power.

Persecuted Israeli human rights activist vows to fight on

Israeli human rights activist Moti Leybel Marianne Azizi describes the ordeal of human rights activist Moti Leybel who was arrested, strip-searched and imprisoned by Israeli police after exercising his right to free speech for only 30 seconds.

Materialism, market fundamentalism and the global suicide epidemic

Suicide rope Graham Peebles argues that the materialistic values which promote individual success, greed and selfishness, and the market fundamentalism which so ardently promotes these values, lie behind the worldwide epidemic of suicide.