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Chaos in Jerusalem is a warning of things to come

Chaos in Jerusalem Jonathan Cook argues that the chaotic violence of the past weeks in occupied Jerusalem and other parts of the occupied Palestinian territories “looks like a warning from the future – a future Israel is hurtling towards”. Read more [...]

Israel’s haunted temple

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish colonists Jamal Kanj looks at how war crimes committed by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers, and violations of Muslim holy places by fanatical Jewish converts, have created the waves of violence sweeping across Palestine. Read more [...]

Palestinian dilly-dallying must stop

Mahmoud Abbas Jamal Kanj recalls the empty Palestinian threats, broken Israeli promises and United States collusion with Israel, and reminds the Palestinian leadership of the fate awaiting it if it does not act decisively. Read more [...]

The UK’s Israeli flag-waving Christian preachers

Christian friends of Israel Stuart Littlewood highlights the case of Christian priests who act as Israel’s propagandists, ignoring Israel’s crimes against humanity and its persecution of their Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. Read more [...]

Israel’s model of political despair in Jerusalem

Jerusalem repression Jonathan Cook says Israeli policy in Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank is turning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict into an “unmanageable colonial conflict that risks heading towards religious conflagration”. Read more [...]

Jerusalem: The Unholy City

Israeli soldiers at Al-Aqsa Uri Avnery says Israeli policies in Jerusalem – ethnic cleansing, neglect, oppression, provocation – have created an explosive situation in the city, which is now a hostile environment for inhabitants and tourists. Read more [...]

Watch: Why is Jerusalem always on edge?

It seems like every violent incident Read more [...]

Why does Canada support Israel right or wrong?

Why is Canada “so unstintingly Read more [...]

US democracy takes a hit

Lawrence Davidson argues that the Obama camp's obsession with appeasing Israel flag-waving foes is now such that they are no longer concerned with the damage this does to their natural allies. Read more [...]

Checkpoints and house demolitions

Our special correspondent shares her experience of the Israeli-occupied West Bank where she saw the Apartheid Wall, new Jews-only roads and an ambulance being turned back at a checkpoint. Read more [...]