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Liberals in Muslim world pay the price for Trump and Saudi-supported illiberalism

Donald Trump with fingers on buttons James Dorsey argues that the Islamophobia fuelled by Donald Trump and far-right European politicians benefits not only Saudi-backed ultra-conservative interpretations of Islam, but also their anti-Saudi jihadist offshoots. Read more [...]

Time for Arabs and Muslims to look in the mirror

Wake up and face reality Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information Read more [...]

American Zionists launch Islamophobia campaign

Islamophobia Lawrence Davidson highlights the wilful distortions, prejudice and hypocrisy underlying a Zionist advertisement campaign targeting a historical Palestinian leader and Muslims in general, now underway in the Philadelphia area in the USA. Read more [...]

Egypt, orientalism and media simplicity

Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood Nureddin Sabir highlights an enlightening analysis by writer and broadcaster Magdi Abdelhadi which examines the reasons behind Western official and media bias in favour of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood cult. Read more [...]

America’s Muslim Zionists

The name sounds benign enough: the Read more [...]

British neocon blog exposed as Israeli mouthpiece

Laura Stuart describes how the Islamophobic blog Harry’s Place operates as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Israeli state and the tactics it uses to dehumanize the Palestinian people and distort the truth. Read more [...]

America’s billboard wars: Zionists vs. the truth

Lawrence Davidson analyses the Zionist attempts to promote Islamophobia in the USA, and says campaigns to tell the truth are hampered by an environment dominated by Zionists and violent and hateful extremists. Read more [...]

Freedom of speech: insults, incitement and Islam

Graham Peebles argues that the rage against the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” must not distract us from discussing the filmmakers’ intention and the underlying causes of anger among Muslims Read more [...]

Israel’s shadow hovers over anti-Islam film

Jamal Kanj detects signs of involvement by US-based pro-Israel groups in the latest anti-Islam film and warns Muslims not to fall into the trap of turning against fellow Christian believers. Read more [...]

Anti-Islam film: free speech or inciting to riot?

Lawrence Davidson doubts that US leaders would have the courage and foresight to re-examine the policies and behaviours behind the Muslim anger displayed following the anti-Muhammad film "Innocence of Muslims". Read more [...]