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Watch: Are you on the US “terrorist” list?

One million people worldwide have Read more [...]

The 1973 war and the power of deterrence

1973 Arab-Israeli war Gilad Atzmon says 40 years after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, there is still a lesson to be learnt by the Arab states and Iran: the absolute need for a deterrent capability. Read more [...]

No Jewish-Arab dating please, we’re Israeli racists

Just in case you're thinking the Read more [...]

Richard Dawkins’s wake up call to Muslims met with hysteria

It’s pretty sad when anyone, let Read more [...]

Bloody future awaits the Middle East

Syrian bloodbath Uri Avnery says events in Syria could signal the disintegration of the nation-state and a return to ethnic-religious communities and, with them, “wholesale massacres and ethnic cleansing” . Read more [...]

Alan Hart and what it takes to struggle on

No Walls Can Silence Our Voices Lawrence Davidson argues that far from being lost, the Palestinian cause “has made significant progress over the past three decades and it is well positioned to make more progress in the future”. Read more [...]

Betraying Americans for Israel

Barbara Boxer US senators – Democrats and Republicans – acting on behalf of Israel are pushing through legislation allowing the Israeli government to engage in racial, ethnic and religious discrimination against American citizens. Read more [...]

Ahmad al-Qabbanji, brave Islamic scholar

If it is hard nowadays to find an Read more [...]

Why US media is biased against Arabs and Muslims

US media bias Jamal Kanj says lopsided Western media coverage of the Arab and Muslim worlds is rooted not just in cultural biases but in the fact that journalists are sometimes part of Israel’s military. Read more [...]

Freedom of speech: insults, incitement and Islam

blatant_incitement Graham Peebles argues that the rage against the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” must not distract us from discussing the filmmakers’ intention and the underlying causes of anger among Muslims Read more [...]