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Who are our friends?

Once upon a time, in our naïveté, Read more [...]

Assad’s “anti-imperialist” pretenders make their last stand

A tiny but vociferous group of ultra-reactionaries and racists masquerading as "leftists" and "anti-imperialists" continues to poison and disinform on behalf of Bashar Assad’s doomed regime. Read more [...]

Storming the Bastille in Syria

Henry Lowi calls on progressives to declare their solidarity with the oppressed people of Syria and to make every effort "to reach out to the pro-democracy grassroots organizations" there. Read more [...]

Cynicism and black propaganda

Nureddin Sabir argues that the reactions of many “leftists” and “anti-imperialists” to the Libyan and Syrian uprisings are motivated by cynicism, petty personal agendas and ignorance, not principles or progressive ideology. Read more [...]