Competition corrupts minds and actions

Graham Peebles examines the harmful impact of competition on the individual and society, and argues that for social harmony and justice to prevail, cooperation and sharing must replace competition. More »

Israel Hamas relationship

Israel’s ambiguous relationship with Hamas

Uri Avnery views the absurd propaganda surrounding the current Israeli aggression against Gaza, and examines Israel’s relationship with the Hamas movement, which is more ambiguous than Israelis would have us believe. More »


Seize the moment! Boycott Israel

Stuart Littlewood calls for comprehensive sanctions against Israel and its Western mouthpieces and stooges – as well as against media such as the BBC which consistently fail to challenge Zionist disinformation. More »

William Hague friend of Israel

Exit Agent William Hague

Stuart Littlewood says the recently-resigned UK foreign secretary, William Hague, was waving Israel’s flag to the last minute, and holds little hope that Hague’s successor, Philip Hammond, would be any better. More »

Israeli adult teaches a child how to use a gun

Why the Israelis are repetitively violent

Lawrence Davidson examines the reasons for the persistently violent behaviour of Israelis, arguing that this pathological disposition to violence will have grave consequences for Jews unless they take a stand against Israel. More »


Wanted: new strategy for Palestinian resistance

Alan Hart argues that Palestinian violent resistance to Israel is counterproductive and that Palestinians must dissolve the Palestinian Authority and thereby expose Israel and make it responsible and accountable for the occupation. More »

International Criminal Court1

PLO must take Palestine’s case to the ICC

Stuart Littlewood highlights the weasel words of the British government towards Israel’s aggression in Gaza, but says the onus is on the Palestinians themselves to take Israel to the International Criminal Court. More »

Hamas rockets

What if Hamas dumped all its rockets? 

Stuart Littlewood argues that the Israelis’ current umpteenth aggression against the people of Gaza has nothing to do with Hamas’s primitive rockets and everything to do with racial domination and land theft. More »

BBC see no evil

Israel’s atrocity and the West’s ignorance

Jamal Kanj highlights the Western media’s complacent, hollow and ignorant repetition of Israel’s propaganda line on the Gaza conflict, which is regurgitated uncritically and without applying the most basic principles of journalism. More »

Gaza homes in ruin

Israel to the Palestinians: submit, leave or die

Jeff Halper says the blind and atavistic destruction unleashed by Israel on the Palestinians signals the death of the “two-state solution” and is a message to Palestinians: submit, leave or die. More »

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Israel to the Palestinians: submit, leave or die

Gaza homes in ruin

Jeff Halper says the blind and atavistic destruction unleashed by Israel on the Palestinians signals the death of the “two-state solution” and is a message to Palestinians: submit, leave or die.

UK’s largest trade union resolves to boycott Israel

Britain’s biggest trade union, Unite, has resolved to campaign for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, which it slammed as “guilty of the crime of apartheid”, the Middle East Monitor reports. In a

Italians say “No” to Israeli water thief Mekorot

All over the world, people of conscience are saying “No” to cooperation with the racist Zionist regime in Israel. The latest to speak out are the people of Rome, who have submitted

Why boycotting Israel is important and necessary

Boycott Zionist Boycott Israel

Stuart Littlewood explains – using three poignant case studies highlighting Israel’s barbarous treatment of Palestinian students – why it is essential to tighten the boycott noose around the apartheid Jews-only state’s neck.

DePaul University students vote to divest from apartheid Israel

Hats off to the students of DePaul University in Chicago, USA. According to the university students’ newspaper, Depaulia, a majority of students approved in a referendum a resolution calling for divestment from

UK Black Students Campaign votes to boycott Israel

There’s been another setback for the apartheid state of Israel, this time in Britain. The Black Students Campaign (BSC), which represents over one million Asian, Caribbean, African and other ethnic minority students,

BBC News website editor strikes again for Israel

BBC News website Middle East Editor Raffi Berg

Nureddin Sabir calls on readers to ask the BBC to explain what it has done since it emerged that Middle East online editor Raffi Berg instructed staff to report favourably on Israel.

Israelis forced to confront a guilty secret

Remember Nakba 1948

Jonathan Cook describes how a new generation of Palestinians is forcing Israeli Jews, through civil society action, to acknowledge the crimes of dispossession and ethnic cleansing on which Israel is founded.

Wesleyan University students in USA resolve to divest from Israel

There’s been another victory for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Student representatives at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, voted on 4 May to support divestment from companies profiting from the Israeli

Boycott Israel train moving full steam ahead

Graduate students at the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque, USA, have passed a resolution calling for divestment from companies profiting from human rights violations in occupied Palestine and at the