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A personal note on Jewish statistics

Gilad Atzmon writes: The British Read more [...]

Jewish identity politics, Palestine and the left

Gilad Atzmon writes: I am Read more [...]

The liberal Zionist dilemma

Liberal Zionist dilemma Lawrence Davidson highlights the contradiction between universal civil and political rights and support for Zionist state. He says that, faced with the choice, most “liberal” Zionists would ditch the veil of liberalism. Read more [...]

New Jewish prophet? Marc Ellis on Gilad Atzmon

Prophet Gilad Atzmon Gilad Atzmon on why a Jewish theologian calls him a “prophet”, arguing that it is the Israeli – not the Jew – in him who has made him a Jewish identity critic. Read more [...]

Judaism and Zionism: a divorce in the making?

Judaism rejects Zionism Alan Hart wonders if enlightened self-interest would prompt enough Jews of the world to distance themselves from the Zionist monster and thereby cause Judaism and Zionism to go their separate ways. Read more [...]

Hanna Arendt and Jewish intolerance

Hannah Arendt Gilad Atzmon commends a new docudrama about Jewish German philosopher Hanna Arendt’s coverage of Adolf Eichmann’s trial, and finds echoes of her ordeal in contemporary intolerance towards debating Jewish identity politics. Read more [...]

Being honest about the dominant Zionist narrative

Shimon Gaspo Neve Gordon examines the open admission by the Zionist mayor of Upper Nazareth that the ideological and political foundations of Israel, and the current Israeli political and social landscape, are purely racist. Read more [...]

Israel-Palestine: the question Jews must answer

Israeli soldier points gun at woman and children Alan Hart asks why most Jews fail to acknowledge the wrong done to the Palestinians and suggests a path to avert a final ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and revival of anti-Semitism. Read more [...]

Anti-Semitism: what it is and is not

Anti-Zionism is not anti Semitism Alan Hart stresses the importance of differentiating between genuine anti-Semitism and Zionist propaganda which defines all criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism” in order to provide cover for Israel’s crimes. Read more [...]

Debunking the false “anti-Semitism” slur

Activists who talk like Zionists Blake Alcott debunks the “anti-Semitism” slur levelled at musician and writer Gilad Atzmon by US academic Ali Abunimah, and explains that Atzmon “illuminates the ‘pro-Semitic’ racist ideology fatal to Palestinians”. Read more [...]