Targeted killing sniper

Targeted killing could become a game for all

Stuart Littlewood examines the justifications given by Western and Israeli politicians for prima facie illegal political assassinations, and wonders what would happen if those same excuses were used against these same politicians. More »

Dyno-Rod David Cameron

Meet Dave, your Christian “Dyno-Rod”

Stuart Littlewood reflects on the “Christian” rhetoric of Prime Minister David Cameron, whose actions belie his supposedly “Christian” sentiment, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, whose moral outrage carefully tip-toes around Israel. More »

Sharing and inequality

Sharing – the alternative to inequality and collapse 

Graham Peebles explains why redistribution – or sharing – of resources, skills and knowledge is the sensible alternative to the prevalent neo-liberal model, which is promoting inequality and destroying social cohesion. More »

Binyamin Netanyahu and Ed Miliband

UK opposition leader falls for Zionist propaganda

Stuart Littlewood reminds us of UK opposition leader Ed Miliband’s broken promise – that he would visit the occupied Palestinian territories – and views his decision instead to regurgitate Israeli propaganda. More »

Pollution in Delhi

Filthy, deadly mayhem in India

Graham Peebles highlights the debilitating effects of pollution in India, arguing that it is time to end the official corruption and complacency that is turning India into the world’s biggest sewer. More »

Burst bubble

Why the Palestinian-Israeli talks bubble burst

Uri Avnery examines the myths, the comprehensive lack of understandings and the fears of the alternatives to a world of make-believe surrounding the failed US-mediated talks between Israel and the Palestinians. More »

Israeli serpent

Israel the unprincipled entity

Jamal Kanj says American spinelessness towards Israel – once described by a French diplomat as a “shitty little country” – is responsible for the collapse of so-called “peace” talks with the Palestinians. More »

BBC Israel Public Inquiry

BBC misreports John Kerry on talks failure

Nureddin Sabir detects the hands of Zionists behind the BBC’s misreporting of US Secretary of State Kerry’s statement, to downplay his blaming of Israel for the failure of talks with the Palestinians. More »

Israeli theft of Palestinian rights

The reality behind the Israeli-Palestinian talks

Jonathan Cook argues that, with the imminent failure of the Israeli-Palestinian talks,“the era of wishful thinking may finally be coming to an end – and that will be progress in itself”. More »

Israeli bullying

Threats from Palestine’s nasty neighbour

Stuart Littlewood views Israel’s threatening response to Palestinian moves to join international organizations as they’re entitled to, and wonders what entitles the squatters to threaten the indigenous people from exercising their rights. More »

Category: Ethiopia

Horn of Africa in search of peace


Graham Peebles wonders at man’s continual inhumanity to man as he hears at first hand from Somali refugees horrific tales of murder, torture and rape committed by Ethiopian soldiers and police.

Ethiopian persecution, threats and kidnappings


Graham Peebles highlights the Ethiopian authorities' gross violations of human rights in the Somali-inhabited Ogaden region of the country – a microcosm of its barbarous behaviour in Oromo, Amhara, Gambella and elsewhere.

Ethiopian migrants victimized in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia

Graham Peebles highlights the plight of the Ethiopian migrants expelled by the Saudi authorities, and the indifference of the Ethiopian government towards them, but sees an opportunity for disenchanted Ethiopians to unite.

Ethiopian regime repression

Ethiopia repression

Graham Peebles argues that Ethiopia's regime – repressive and suffocating as ever – is out of step with the spirit of the time where millions are demanding freedom, equality and social justice.

Ethiopian development and the destruction of lives

Ethiopia's Omo Valley

Graham Peebles says in the name of development, the Ethiopian government is destroying the lives of traditional tribal peoples, introducing disease, and creating food insecurity and dependence on humanitarian food aid.

Ethiopia: lives for land in Gambella

Gambella in Ethiopia

Graham Peebles says foreign donors, investors and financial institutions are complicit in human rights abuses committed by the Ethiopian government while clearing farmlands of indigenous peoples to make way for foreign investors.

Walking from the Ogaden in Ethiopia


Following a recent trip to Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, Graham Peebles describes how the Ethiopian government’s use of terror against the Somali inhabitants of the Ogaden region has ruined many lives.

Seeds of change in Ethiopia

Ethiopian protest

Graham Peebles sees in this month’s demonstration in the Ethiopian capital signs of hope but says real change will happen only if this serves as a catalyst for a coordinated, strategic movement.

Ethiopia’s Ogaden refugees recount tales of horror

Ethiopian Somali refugees

Graham Peebles relays first-hand accounts, obtained during a recent trip to Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, of the systematic terror used by the Ethiopian government against its own ethnic Somali population.

Under darkness in the Somali region of Ethiopia

Silence in Ogaden

Graham Peebles recounts the state-sponsored crimes – torture, murder, rape, land theft and the burning of villages – inflicted by the Ethiopian regime on the Somali inhabitants of the country’s Ogaden region.