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Why is Europe following Obama and washing its hands of Palestine?

Israeli nuclear blackmail Alan Hart explains why he believes European leaders will never take the lead in pressing Israel to respect international law and to be serious about a just peaceful settlement of the conflict with the Palestinian people. Read more [...]

Israel’s disingenuous rearguard stooges

Friends of Israel Stuart Littlewood highlights the “chronic lack of guts, integrity and common sense” in Britain’s and the European Union’s policy towards Israel, treating it with kid gloves and rewarding its crimes. Read more [...]

French whore gives Zionism a blow job

Alan Hart writes: I don’t wish Read more [...]

Belgian ministry’s fleeting moments of truth about Israel

For a few fleeting moments a Belgian Read more [...]

European Football rewards Israeli racism

Kick Israeli racism out of UEFA Stuart Littlewood wonders how the European football association UEFA can square its commitment to zero tolerance of racism with allowing the under-21 finals to be held in racist, apartheid Israel. Read more [...]

EU-funded Israeli theft

Boycott Israeli goods Jamal Kanj highlights the European Union’s mealy-mouthed approach to the problem of Israeli colonies, acknowledging that they are “the single biggest threat" to peace while simultaneously subsidizing their produce. Read more [...]

Gaza and after the ceasefire

Stuart Littlewood says that, now that the Gaza slaughter is in abeyance, Western politicians will revert to form, fawning at Israeli leaders and rewarding them for their crimes. Read more [...]

Desperately cobbling together a Palestinian state

Stuart Littlewood views William Hague’s and Catherine Ashton’s professed insistence that Israel return to the 1967 borders against their unwillingness to force Israel to implement UN Security Council resolutions to that end. Read more [...]

Germany must reassess its relations with Israel

Sharon-Hitler Uri Avnery calls on Germany to ditch its submissive, unconditional support of Israeli governments which is rendered irrespective of the immoral policies and actions of the Jewish state. Read more [...]

Letter to the EU Council of Ministers

Stuart Littlewood asks EU bureaucrats to explain their support of Israel’s crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories – support which contradicts their own undertakings and obligations under international law and the UN Charter. Read more [...]