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Canadian Protestant church joins boycott Israel campaign

From the Zionist cesspit that is Read more [...]

Canadian stooges stand by their Israeli man

If there’s one group of stooges Read more [...]

Canada’s racism contradictions

Stop the racist JNF Yves Engler says that while racist property ownership covenants are outlawed in Canada, the openly racist Jewish National Fund receives Canadian public funds and is feted by the premier and other politicians. Read more [...]

Explaining Canada’s unconditional support of Israel

Canada Israel affair Yves Engler attributes Canada’s unconditional support of Israel to a desire to mobilize right wingers and evangelicals, an attraction to Israeli militarism and eagerness to enable US designs in the Middle East. Read more [...]

Why does Canada support Israel right or wrong?

Why is Canada “so unstintingly Read more [...]

Stooges seek to criminalize criticism of Israel

Israel – no criticism allowed Stuart Littlewood examines the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism, which has been signed by a large number of Western parliamentarians but seems to be aimed at criminalizing legitimate criticism of Israel. Read more [...]