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Egypt’s destruction of Gaza’s tunnels

Gaza jihadists Egypt’s closure of the tunnels between Sinai and Gaza has nothing to do with the Israeli siege but is the result of rogue Islamists in Gaza smuggling arms to jihadists in Sinai. Read more [...]

What Egyptians think about the dispersal of Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins

So much has been spoken and written Read more [...]

Lifting the mist on the Egyptian crisis

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Nureddin Sabir explains why the arguments most commonly deployed by the Western media and various leftists, liberals and right wingers regarding the Egyptian crisis do not stand up to scrutiny. Read more [...]

Remembering what the bloodshed in Egypt is about

Everyone who cares for Egypt is stunned Read more [...]

Syria, Egypt and the grand dilemma

Egypt and Syria Uri Avnery says the choice of who deserves moral support in Egypt and especially in Syria may no longer be between black and white or shades of grey but shades of black. Read more [...]

Egypt and the compatibility of Islamism and democracy

Here’s an extract from an excellent Read more [...]

The 1979 Egyptian-Israeli treaty of humiliation

Someone recently asked how can any Read more [...]

Egypt’s no-win dilemma

Amid the fast-moving developments Read more [...]

The Achilles’ heel of the peoples’ revolutions

Revolution Uri Avnery explains why the popular uprisings sweeping across the world, from Brazil to Egypt and Turkey, are in danger of of fading away without leaving anything behind, except some memories. Read more [...]

Egypt: delusion vs reality

Among the byproducts of the Arab Read more [...]