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The Pavlovian reaction to Aljazeera’s Muslim Brotherhood activist Ahmad Mansour’s arrest

Ahmad Mansour Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information Read more [...]

The West’s self-styled “left” and our very own Ku Klux Klan

Can the left really fall in love Read more [...]

Accepting responsibility for our ills in the Arab world

The failure to take responsibility Read more [...]

The die still to be cast for Egypt’s revolution

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood likes Read more [...]

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood boasts about its terrorist activities

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Read more [...]

Islamist killing in the name of Allah

Islamist violence in Egypt With Islamists murdering Muslims and non-Muslims alike the world over, Nureddin Sabir examines the argument which warns against distinguishing between extremist and so-called “moderate” Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Read more [...]

The Islamists’ hijacking of Arab hope

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Jamal Kanj argues that in swapping places with Dark Ages Europe, the contemporary Arab world is descending in darkness because religionists are consumed with peripheral practices rather than seeking democracy and knowledge. Read more [...]

Egyptians tell Israel to stuff its holocaust award

A member of the family of the first Read more [...]

Egypt, orientalism and media simplicity

Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood Nureddin Sabir highlights an enlightening analysis by writer and broadcaster Magdi Abdelhadi which examines the reasons behind Western official and media bias in favour of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood cult. Read more [...]

Egypt’s destruction of Gaza’s tunnels

Gaza jihadists Egypt’s closure of the tunnels between Sinai and Gaza has nothing to do with the Israeli siege but is the result of rogue Islamists in Gaza smuggling arms to jihadists in Sinai. Read more [...]