Muhammad Abu Khedair

Israelis indifferent to lynching and war crimes

Uri Avnery voices disgust at the murder in Gaza, the official and media incitement, the burning alive of an innocent Palestinian teenager by Israeli neo-Nazis and the Israeli public’s silence. More »

Israeli child holding a gun.jpg

Israelis, not Palestinians, excel at vengeance

Jonathan Cook examines the “culture of hate” and vengeance behind the recent abductions and murder of children in the occupied West Bank and the relentless Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza. More »


Is changing the Israeli mindset possible?

Alan Hart says appealing to Israelis over their leaders’ heads with a genuine peace offer based on the Arab Peace Initiative might break their mindset and pave the way for genuine peace. More »

Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the so-called "Islamic State"

Not the Iraq I remember

Jamal Kanj argues that although the US invasion of Iraq sowed the seeds of sectarianism, responsibility for the mess now breaking the country apart rests squarely with Iraq’s leaders and political parties. More »

Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Palestine’s dead teenagers

Stuart Littlewood reminds us of the context of the killing of teenagers in Palestine – essential background missing from the reports of the BBC and other broadcasters, and from politicians' utterances. More »

Genocidal Israel

On Israel’s genocidal nature

Gilad Atzmon argues, in a debate on Iran’s English-language Press TV, that Israel’s ongoing killing of Palestinians reflects the “murderous and genocidal and plunderous nature of the Jewish state”. More »

Methodist hypocrites

UK Methodists still half-hearted about BDS 

Stuart Littlewood examines the empty talk, weasel words and mischief used by the UK Methodists to avoid doing the decent, Christian thing and boycotting Israel until it does justice to the Palestinians. More »

Ideas revolution

A worldwide revolution of ideas is needed

Graham Peebles says a root and branch revolution of the fundamental ideas on which contemporary capitalist societies are built is essential if the causes of conflict and disharmony are to be eliminated. More »

Methodist Friends of Israel

Will Jewish meddlers dictate UK Methodist policy?

Stuart Littlewood wonders whether the UK’s Methodist Church will surrender to the Zionist lobby, noting one Methodist delegate’s observation that the church has already sold out to Israel on several issues. More »

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister

Graham Peebles asks if newly elected nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in tune with the time and possess the vision and imagination needed to create a healthy society in India. More »

Category: Americas

US Presbyterians must ditch Israel’s stooges

Presbyterian Church USA

Stuart Littlewood urges US Presbyterians to follow J. Willard Marriott's advice and review their friendships and ditch those whose purpose, through intimidation, is to blunt Christian decency and undermine freedom of action.

Timid US Presbyterians let Israel off the hook

US Presbyterian Church and Israel

Stuart Littlewood scolds US Presbyterians for their failure to take a firm stand against Israel for the crimes it is committing and in which the Presbyterian church confesses to being complicit.

Jews find special favour with employers in the American South

American, out of work and looking for employment? If the answer is yes, then you had better claim that you are a Jew the next time you apply for a job. Far

The mess in Iraq

Iraq and the Bush legacy

Lawrence Davidson argues that to understand the disastrous present and the likely horrid future in Iraq, it is critical to acknowledge the past actions of the Bush administration and the neo-conservatives.

America’s repugnant Republicans

Republican devolution

Lawrence Davidson examines the bigotry characterizing US Republicans, and how this leads them to see their positions and actions as right and good, and those of their opponents as wrong and bad.

Maya Angelou, Rachel Corrie and the struggle for justice

American author, historian and civil rights activist Maya Angelou died today at the age of 86. Angelou is best known for her 1969 memoir of growing up in the racist US south, entitled I

DePaul University students vote to divest from apartheid Israel

Hats off to the students of DePaul University in Chicago, USA. According to the university students’ newspaper, Depaulia, a majority of students approved in a referendum a resolution calling for divestment from

Barack Obama’s acceptance of the Israeli narrative

Israel vs USA

Uri Avnery explains why President Barack Obama’s apparent decision to let Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas “stew in their own juice” is tantamount to acceptance of the Israeli narrative.

The role of the intellectual

The intellectual

Lawrence Davidson explains, with examples, “why the independent-minded, outspoken intellectuals demanding moral integrity and responsibility from those in power are so rare, be they Jewish or gentile”.

Censorship in the USA


Lawrence Davidson and Janet Amighi view the practice of censorship in the US, and argue that the he system is successful because most people “are culturally conditioned not to notice or care”.