British anti-witch-hunt group expels half of its supporters!

Witch-hunting Gilad Atzmon supporters
Gilad Atzmon writes:

Just when you thought the British “left” had reached rock bottom, you wake up to learn that its political comedy act has no limits.

We learned on 3 January that the “anti-witch-hunt” Labour Party group Labour Against the Witch-Hunt (LAW) has expelled half of its members over “anti-Semitism”.

The Times of Israel reported that LAW has cut ties to Socialist Fight because of the views of its members. Socialist Fight is accused of being “supportive of controversial Israeli-born author Gilad Atzmon”.

Needless to say, I am thrilled by all that. I enjoy being supported by proper radical left groups, people who adhere to universal principles of equality and human solidarity. Despite the fact that in my entire life I have never been a member of any political group or party, I can clearly see that my writing is now making a change.

If you are wondering what it is that I am saying that has pushed LAW leaders Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein, two self-identified political Jews, over the edge, to the point that they themselves have decided to act, in the open, as witch hunters, I will provide a brief answer.

I argue that if Israel defines itself as a Jewish state we must ask who are the Jews, what is Jewishness and what is Judaism. We should then proceed and examine Israeli politics and Jewish lobbying in the light of the above questions. I basically argue that Zionism is just one symptom of Jewish choseness. I actually identify the exact same exceptionalist tendencies in the Jewish left and in particular in Walker’s and Greenstein’s political act. To add to my sins, I am also responsible for the popular adage “by now, we are all Palestinians”. Like the Palestinians, we are not allowed to articulate the true nature of our oppression.

No one could articulate this observation better than Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein. In the minutes of the LAW meeting, Walker and Greenstein apparently said: “Making a connection between the number of Jewish billionaires in the US or who is Jewish amongst the richest sections of society and imperialist support for Israel is anti-Semitic.”

For Walker and Greenstein, pointing at a concentration of mammon and political influence as the core of Zionist power is a “hate crime”. For Walker and Greenstein, a principled universal socialist position based on dialectical materialism is crude “anti-Semitism”.

I am delighted as well as amused to see myself, an immigrant saxophonist, at the centre of this ridiculous political storm. But I must assure you that none of this is new to Britons. They have seen it all before; they know about the People’s Front of Judea.

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