First-ever conference on human rights violations within Israel

Human rights are not optional
Marianne Azizi writes:

A public meeting on the violation of the human rights of foreign nationals and Israeli citizens within Israel is scheduled to be held in Israel on Tuesday 29 November at 5pm local time – 3pm GMT.

The meeting, organised by the Coalition for Children and Families, will be filmed for the United Nations and live-streamed on Facebook.

This unreported side of Israel may be a shock to many people but the truth is that every day ordinary people in Israel suffer from the brutality of the country’s unjust laws. Their children are being stolen, men are placed under arbitrary arrest or in detention, and it is believed that over one million people are trapped and prevented from leaving Israel.

The meeting will highlight the actions that Israelis have been forced to take overseas to seek justice. It will also hear testimonies from foreign nationals who are suffering in Israel. With over 10,000 children taken annually from their parents in Israel – over half needlessly – parents will have the opportunity to tell their stories.

This is the first-ever event of its kind for people to express their desperation for help from Israeli laws, institutions and practices that are destroying their lives.

Tune into the conference live on Marianne Azizi’s Facebook page at 5pm Israel time, or 3pm GMT, on Tuesday 29 November.

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