Israeli police ransack blogger’s home

Marianne Azizi writes:

Amira Admon is a feisty Greek-Israeli independent journalist and blogger. She is one of the campaigners to free Roman Zadorov, the Ukrainian handyman who is serving a long prison sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Amira doesn’t hold back. As with many others, she speaks out about official corruption in Israel. She has experienced many instances of harassment by the police, who then began to harass her children. But she refuses to be intimidated.

This week police broke into her home late at night and ransacked it.

Amira Admon's ransacked home

Amira Admon's ransacked home

The owner of three St Bernard dogs, neighbours witnessed police taser the animals. Cameras in the area were removed by the police, and one neighbour who spoke out was also hurt.

Amira Admon - injury

During the raid it is alleged that police planted LSD in the daughter’s room. Amira possesses medical documents showing that her daughter has a heart defect. Such drugs would therefore never enter her home – and her daughter would never use such drugs. Nonetheless, the police took her daughter away for questioning.

As an ex Mossad agent, Amira is aware of the techniques which can be used to intimidate, so she went to the police complaints office. Within an hour and a half, her daughter’s telephone was returned to her.

“I refuse to be intimidated,” Amira says. “I have the whole interview today recorded, and shall be taking matters further. I have just been informed since the meeting that the police may come back and take me and put me in jail!”

With another female journalist in prison today, the question must be asked: Why are the authorities so afraid?

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