Israeli investigative reporter fears for life after major exposé of corruption

Censorship of Israeli corruption
Marianne Azizi writes:

On 2 March of this year Israeli mainstream Channel 10 TV broadcast the first part of an explosive four-part documentary on the judicial system.

The first episode, shown in the video below, explores the connection between the prosecutor’s office and the mafia, which reaches as high as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

We apologise for the poor display of the English subtitles in some parts of the video.

Following years of social media pressure, this series is the first real mainstream exposure. The reporter, Orna Ben Dor, has received many threats since the series was aired.

The intrigue of organised crime, whistleblowers and cover-ups involving the police and judges, make compulsive viewing.

This video has been impossible to share in Israel, and activists across the country are facing a crackdown on social media.

But they have managed to bring this video to the English-speaking community in Israel and the rest of the world, despite the possible consequences.

Life is very difficult in Israel for those trying to reform the system. As one expert told me, the corruption is exposed, and now the officials are behaving without shame.

Below are the names mentioned in the video:

Avigdor Feldman, lawyer
Lior Epstein, lawyer
Dalya Dorner, judge
Menchem Rubenstein, lawyer
Avieh Alef, lawyer
Kobi Suderi, lawyer
Moshe Lichctman, reporter
Shuki Mishol, tax authority manager and whistleblower
Eitan Enbar, lawyer
Yuval Yoez, lawyer
Dror Arad Eylon, lawyer

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