Israeli children’s organisation faces major lawsuit in USA for child abuse

Child Abuse - Eli-American Friends of the Israel Association for Child Protection
Marianne Azizi writes:

A USD 5 million lawsuit has been filed and accepted in the USA for child abuse in Israel.

This week Eti Ben Issachar filed a lawsuit against Eli-American Friends of the Israel Association for Child Protection and two co-defendants, Daphna Barak Erez and Michael Barak Nevo, demanding a trial by jury.

This is the second major lawsuit in as many months, and sources say there are more to come.

Last month a major lawsuit was filed and accepted in the US State of Oklahama to sue various organisations in Israel involved with the children of Marygold Collins, a British-Israeli mother of twins. Papers were duly served to all parties by hand or registered mail.

There has been an increase in lawsuits filed in the US, as well as petitions to the UN and other major legal actions in Israel itself, mainly regarding family laws, the closed courts and the lack of remedies inside Israel.

The Coalition for Children and Families in Israel (CCF Israel) has been three times to Geneva to ask for help in establishing an independent ombudsman for children’s rights.

More people are speaking up in Israel, and to date over 100 videos and testimonies have been recorded this year.

In the video below, family court lawyer Yaniv Moyal, who witnessed the despair of his clients, describes the corrupt nature of family law, welfare and policing in Israel.

His is one of many videos of lawyers and professionals speaking out to explain the situation.

Beware of strong language.

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