US citizen in Israel for 18 months against his will

Yadidya - US citizen trapped in Israel
Marianne Azizi writes:

Yadidya is a US citizen who walks the streets of Israel with his suitcase. He has been held there against his will for nearly 18 months.

Yadidya’s crime is a family connection to Israel, where he has a child.

He tells his story in this video.

This week Yadidya was forced to undergo a psychiatric assessment. The reason? Because an Israeli woman can order one on her former husband at any time.

He went to the US embassy for help. He didn’t see an American, and was just told to fill in a form.

Yadidya is like many other foreign nationals trapped in Israel with no way out. Europeans and Americans come to Israel in the belief that they are landing in the in the country of their dreams.

But the reality is different.

As Yadidya describes in the video, he arrived to a nightmare and a country which has destroyed his liberty, dignity and human rights.

Many more people are coming forward to plead for help to the international community. They are Israelis who are trapped – almost a million of them, the parents of children sold by the Welfare and Social Services Ministry. In Israel, some 10,000 children a year are trafficked in this way, sold to private institutions at a profit of USD 5,000 per child per month.

Shortly a video will be made exposing the Israeli justice system and the abuse of the human rights of Israelis who have no choice other than to tell their story to the international community.

In the midst of rising tensions the need to cry out is stronger than ever.

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