Ex-Israeli intelligence officer calls for funding for the illegal state of Israel to be stopped

Stop funding Israel
Marianne Azizi writes:

The gentleman in the video below fought for Israel and believed in what he did. It was only when he went through a divorce that he realised the enemy was within.

His battle to fight for his rights as a father caused him to have a stroke and become disabled.

His views may not be held by the majority but are by no means unique. He has a right to speak and wanted the world to hear what he had to say.

Indeed, during our Walk4kids September 2015 one story kept recurring. When the family structure is broken, it will eventually break the country. Taking children from parents at the rate of 10,000 a year, which is what is happening in Israel, is slowly breaking the hope of the people affected. People wanted to tell their stories of lost children, broken families and desperate parents.

On the journey, no Israeli talked about international politics. They are too busy trying to deal with their own domestic corruption, at the centre of which is the justice system.

There is no jury in Israel, and the conviction rate is 99.8 per cent which, according to lawyers and the innocent victims of the system, is indicative  of a lack of democracy.

Since 2012 Israel has stopped publishing conviction figures, and for the past three years information has been increasingly difficult to obtain. It is unlikely the figures have changed as up to 2011 the margins were between 0.1 and 0.4 per cent difference per year, with the figures rising closer to the 100 per cent mark every year.

It takes some courage to speak out against the systems in Israel. There are literally hundreds of social media groups protesting against injustice – mothers’ groups, fathers and civil rights groups. What is rare are demonstrations in the street.

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