“An uprising is on the way here in Palestine”

Third Intifadah
Mazin Qumsiyeh writes:

An uprising is on the way here in Palestine despite Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s promise and futile attempts to prevent it.

The rampage by colonial settlers started with the arson attack on the Dawabsheh family home several weeks ago (mother, father and child martyred, second child still in hospital).

Reactions were expected and the settlers are now getting the green light to massacre Palestinians and attack their holy sites.

The arrogance of Binyamin Netanyahu unleashing his settlers on Al-Aqsa mosque and then staring down the United Nations and lecturing them about Iran was like a Greek myth: tragic and theatrical.

This theatre of the absurd would be comical if it was not so devastating. The silence of the US validates the widespread belief here that this theatre is intended to hide a deal struck between Netanyahu and Obama whereby the US will let Israel proceed with its plans to Judaise Jerusalem and annex other areas of occupied territories.

All politicians played their assigned role and Mahmoud Abbas continued to beg from the position of weakness he created (by weakening his people).

Yet, freedom is coming sooner than most people believe.

If you are interested to learn more about why I say so and the relationship between resistance and hope, please read my book, Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment, available in many languages.

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