A shameful day for Arabs, from Libya to Iraq and Syria

Sexual depravity and the degradation of women have become bywords for the Islamist demons that are now murdering their way across the Arab world.

Today is a particularly bad day for bringing home the fact that the scum of the earth, the odious content of poorly-flushed toilets, are surfacing everywhere in the Arab world, from Libya in the west to Syria and Iraq in the east.

First came visual, though unverified, video footage seemingly confirming the steady stream of reports that have been emerging over the past few weeks that Islamic State cutthroats in Iraq have been trading women of the Yazidi faith captured and enslaved after the Iraqi army abandoned its weapons and fled last June.

Islamic State paedophiles discuss buying child sex slaves 

Next came reports that 300 Libyan soldiers training in Britain were being sent home early after some of them committed a series of sexual assaults and rapes during their stay.

Channel 4 News report on the scandal of the Libyan military recruits who committed sexual assaults and rapes

The men in question were ostensibly recruited from the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Libyan Shield” militias and vetted by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, from which murderous Islamist militias, including Ansar al-Sharia, the 17 February Martyrs’ Brigade and the Rafallah Sahati Brigade, emerged.

This is not the first instance of rape by Libya’s so-called “revolutionaries”. In March 2013 three British women en route to the Gaza Strip to deliver international aid to the beleaguered Palestinians were also raped in Libya.

Back in the 1990s the maverick Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky reduced the Chechen problem to sexual frustration, reportedly saying that if each Chechen rebel – and many Chechen rebels were Islamists – had a woman, the Chechen rebellion would be over.

No one took – or should take – Zhirinovsky seriously, but there is some truth in his diagnosis of Islamist misfits. They are, in essence, sexually frustrated, genitalia-obsessed misogynists. As Libyan journalist Suliman Ali Zway tweeted, in reference to the Islamists’ destruction of an iconic statue in Tripoli, their oppression of Libyan women and the sexual assaults and rapes by Libyan recruits in the UK,

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