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Chickenshit Netanyahu

Chickenshit Uri Avnery examines the tense and contradictory US-Israeli relationship, and argues that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is exploiting the dysfunctional US political system to destroy the chances of peace. Read more [...]

Jonathan Djanogly, example of UK’s Israel stooges

Jonathan Djanogly Stuart Littlewood examines the behaviour of an Israel flag waver in the UK parliament, Jonathan Djanogly, one of the “dirty dozen” lawmakers who voted against recognising Palestine as an independent state. Read more [...]

How Israel is turning Gaza into a super-max prison

Gaza prison Jonathan Cook argues that the Palestinians’ humanitarian needs and their right in international law to resist their oppressor are being sacrificed to make the enforcement of Israel’s occupation more efficient. Read more [...]

UK’s Exeter University students in historic landslide vote to boycott Israel

Students at Britain’s Exeter University Read more [...]

America’s special interest problem

Anti lobby demonstration Lawrence Davidson argues that only popular action can free United States legislators from the shackles of special interest groups, or lobbies, that have hijacked and corrupted US foreign and domestic policies. Read more [...]

India’s space madness amid astronomical poverty 

India's space mission Graham Peebles questions the justice and wisdom of India’s ruling elite, which spends USD1 billion annually on its space programme while India has the world’s highest number of people practising open defecation. Read more [...]

Watch: Eastern Libya’s top terrorist group, 17 February Brigade, routed by national army

The Libyan National Army, led by Read more [...]

Israel, the US Congress and treason

US Congress traitors Alan Hart explains how members of Congress who put Israel’s interests ahead of those of the United States could be charged with treason, despite the US constitution’s narrow definition of a traitor. Read more [...]

When did Israel cease fire?

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign Read more [...]

Gaza’s health services face possible collapse

The armed conflict in the Gaza Strip Read more [...]