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The Gaza medical aid scandal

Gaza emergency medical team Stuart Littlewood views British and European inaction towards Gaza, with comprehensive failure to fulfil pledges to help the sick, wounded and destitute a month after Israel ended its 50-day onslaught. Read more [...]

Binyamin Netanyahu: Obnoxious, pathological liar

Binyamin Netanyahu the liar Jamal Kanj argues, quoting former Western leaders and senior officials, that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a pathological liar but, despite that, his lies still go unchallenged in the Western media. Read more [...]

Israel’s very own history of eugenics

Jonathan Cook writes: This hour-long Read more [...]

The absent intellectual war against Islamist cutthroats

The aerial war waged by the United Read more [...]

What Israel did after the Gaza ceasefire

Omar Robert Hamilton posted this Read more [...]

Watch: Hidden camera shows life under “Islamic State” cutthroats

Courtesy: The Young Turks The Read more [...]

Israeli occupation’s dark underbelly exposed

Israel's dark underbelly Jonathan Cook says the unanimous condemnation that has met the revelations by 43 Israeli intelligence veterans that much Israeli intelligence gathering targets “innocent people” shows how deeply dysfunctional Israeli society has become. Read more [...]

Zionism and the US educational elites 

Zionist academic blackmail Lawrence Davidson argues that, having begun to lose the battle for public opinion, US Zionist organisations are resorting to blackmail, by leveraging their donor power to whip dependent institutions into supporting Israel. Read more [...]

Israelis frightened of a newborn’s name

Jonathan Cook writes: Israel is Read more [...]

UK official implies Jewish misogyny is fine as long as it is confined to Jews

It’s common knowledge that Islamists Read more [...]