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American complicity in Israel’s war crimes

Stop funding Israel Alan Hart says American complicity in Israel's war crimes is as shameful as the crimes themselves, and that Washington will remain beholden to Israel until lobby funding is removed from US politics. Read more [...]

Is killing civilians part of Israel’s plan?

Jonathan Cook writes: Another Read more [...]

Watch: Today 90 per cent of people in Gaza have no electricity

With the only power plant in Gaza Read more [...]

Watch: Israelis celebrate the slaughter of Palestinian children, call for murder of Israeli Arab legislators

The video above speaks for itself.  It Read more [...]

Britain’s largest supermarket chain Tesco boycotts products from occupied West Bank

Britain’s biggest supermarket chain, Read more [...]

What more horrors are in store for Gaza?

Gaza Under Attack July 2014 Against the background of the silence – or complicity – of Western political and religious leaders towards Israeli war crimes in Gaza, Stuart Littlewood outlines possible scenarios that could bring about change. Read more [...]

Watch: Why are US taxes funding Israel’s military? 

The US gives 3.1 billion dollars Read more [...]

Why do Israelis continue to kill Palestinians?

Israeli soldiers celebrate Gaza killings Alan Hart argues that Zionist brainwashing and the occupation have dehumanized Israeli Jews to the extent that killing Palestinians comes as naturally to them "as pissing when the bladder is full”. Read more [...]

Deconstructing the Zionist view of Gaza’s horror

Free Gaza and Palestine Lawrence Davidson debunks the fantasies and inventions of the Zionist view of the horror in Gaza, as represented by the thoughts of David Harris, the executive director of the American Jewish Congress. Read more [...]

Where’s BBC scoop on Netanyahu’s big lie?

Jonathan Cook writes: Here’s a Read more [...]