Monthly Archives: June 2014

A worldwide revolution of ideas is needed

Ideas revolution Graham Peebles says a root and branch revolution of the fundamental ideas on which contemporary capitalist societies are built is essential if the causes of conflict and disharmony are to be eliminated. Read more [...]

Will Jewish meddlers dictate UK Methodist policy?

Methodist Friends of Israel Stuart Littlewood wonders whether the UK’s Methodist Church will surrender to the Zionist lobby, noting one Methodist delegate’s observation that the church has already sold out to Israel on several issues. Read more [...]

Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister

Narendra Modi Graham Peebles asks if newly elected nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in tune with the time and possess the vision and imagination needed to create a healthy society in India. Read more [...]

Israelis in denial of their inhumanity

Palestinian prisoner Jonathan Cook argues that Israelis have yet to realize the dam of oppression is soon to burst and that a technical fix cannot solve ethical dilemmas continuously thrown up by the occupation. Read more [...]

New Jewish prophet? Marc Ellis on Gilad Atzmon

Prophet Gilad Atzmon Gilad Atzmon on why a Jewish theologian calls him a “prophet”, arguing that it is the Israeli – not the Jew – in him who has made him a Jewish identity critic. Read more [...]

Lebanonization of Iraq and the Middle East

Iraqi's ISIS killers Jamal Kanj argues that the ongoing disintegration of Iraq and the Middle East had been advocated by American Zionist neo-conservatives a full decade before the Anglo-American aggression against Iraq. Read more [...]

US Presbyterians must ditch Israel’s stooges

Presbyterian Church USA Stuart Littlewood urges US Presbyterians to follow J. Willard Marriott's advice and review their friendships and ditch those whose purpose, through intimidation, is to blunt Christian decency and undermine freedom of action. Read more [...]

Timid US Presbyterians let Israel off the hook

US Presbyterian Church and Israel Stuart Littlewood scolds US Presbyterians for their failure to take a firm stand against Israel for the crimes it is committing and in which the Presbyterian church confesses to being complicit. Read more [...]

Jews find special favour with employers in the American South

American, out of work and looking Read more [...]

Ed Miliband – shameless Zionist in our midst

Binyamin Netanyahu and Ed Miliband Gilad Atzmon views a speech by British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband to the Zionist lobby Labour Friends of Israel in which Miliband affirmed his Jewish tribal affiliation and loyalty to Israel. Read more [...]